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Open Pairs

The competition will be played on Tuesday April 24th and you will all be notified where your teams have been drawn to play after entries have closed.

Please be aware that the league will not accept late entries so get your form in early.

Also on the entry form are the free competitions that your team may enter. If you have not already done so then please support these competitions.

Many Thanks for supporting the league.

Pairs Entry Form

Return of Trophies

Please would all trophy winners from last season return all team and individual trophies to Brian Newton in a satisfactory condition by January 31st. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £5, in addition to any repair costs.

Singles Competition

The Singles Competition will take place on Friday 29th December at The Trinity Club with a 7.30 start.

The league has received 77 entries which are listed below. So after your Christmas festivities we hope to see you on the night.

The league will be running a raffle so if there is anyone who would like to donate a prize it would be most welcome.

Singles entries 2017

Barmy Army 1, Barrny Army 2, Breakaways 1, Breakaways 2, Brewers Bees 1,

Brewers Bees 2, Colliton lmps 1, Colliton Imps 2, Colliton Wide Boys 1,

Colliton Wide Boys 2, Dewlish Monsters 1, Dewlish Monsters 2, Half Pints 1,

Half Pints 2, Heathens 1, Heathens 2, Jolly Green Giants 1, Jolly Green Giants 2,

Royal Oak Wanderers 1, Royal Oak Wanderers 2, Skimmers 1, Skimmers 2,

Wurzels 1, Wurzels 2, Hammers 1, Hammers 2, Mrs Brown’s Boys 1,

Mrs Brown’s Boys 2, Puddletown Wanderers 1, Puddletown Wanderers 2,

Swankers 1, Swankers 2, Top Pins 1, Top Pins 2, Wool RBL Misfits 1,

Wool RBL Mishts 2, Colliton Flingers 1, Colliton Flingers 2, Essentials 1,

Essentials 2, Imps B 1, Imps B 2, Load of Bullocks 1, Load of Bullocks 2,

Plodders 1, Plodders 2, Rebels 1, Rebels 2, Trinity Strugglers 1, Trinity Strugglers 2,

Untouchables 1, Untouchables 2, Villains 1, Villains 2, Chaldon Chuckers 1,

Chaldon Chuckers 2, Frampton Rollers 1, Frampton Rollers 2, Hotshots 1,

Unpredictable Strimmers 1, Unpredictable Strimmers 2, Breezers 1, Breezers 2,

Colliton Ladybirds 1, Colliton Ladybirds 2, Crackerjacs 1, Crackerjacs 2, Devils 1,

Devils 2, Mix Ups l, Mix Ups 2, Oakettes 1, Oakettes 2, Vixens 1, Vixens 2,

Wonder Women 1, Wonder Women 2.

Team Unicorn

Would all ladies teams please note that unfortunately Team Unicorn have withdrawn from the Ladies League, their games will now become a BYE and their record will be deleted.

Entry Fees and Registration Form

Please would all teams note that league entry fees must be paid to the league treasurer by 31st October, please contact Phil Slade with any questions regarding league fees

Please would all teams note that player registration forms must be returned to the league secretary by 31st October, please contact Brian Newton with any questions regarding registration forms.

Any team not paying the league fee and/or not returning their team registration sheet by 31st October will incur a two point deduction for each week after that date the fees remain unpaid and/or registration sheet has not been returned.

Colliton A

Would all Section C teams please note that unfortunately Colliton A have withdrawn from the League, their games will now become a BYE and their record will be deleted.

Ladies Pairs

The Ladies Pairs will take place on Monday October 2nd at the Trinity Club commencing at 8pm.
31 pairs have entered and are as follows:
Vixens 4, Breezers 3, Crackerjacs 3, Mix Ups 5, Wonder Women 4, Woodpeckers 2, Oakettes 4, Ladybirds 3, Devils 3.
The league will accept pairs on the night, please contact Brian Newton for anymore details regarding this.

Cup dates

Would captains please note rule 5 of the knockout competitions. The home team is to inform the fixture secretary once the date has been agreed between the two teams and the alley is booked.