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Top Pins

Top Pins of Section B are looking for new players for next season, they play their home matches at the Vic on Thursday nights. If interested please email terry.gosney@btinternet for further details.


The AGM took place at the Colliton Club last night.

Here is a brief explanation of the rule changes that were discussed and voted in.
Men are no longer able to play in the ladies league.
Ladies teams that are short will be able to give 5 pins (instead of the current 4 pins) to up to two missing players.
There will now be no restriction on the number of ladies allowed to play in the Men’s league, but no lady is allowed to play in both leagues.
The Men’s league will become an Open league.
Any team failing to fulfil a cup or plate match, other than in exceptional circumstances shall incur a £20 fine.

The league lost four men’s teams and two ladies teams leaving 70 entries. Each men’s section will consist of 14 teams , meaning that three teams got relegated from last season instead of the normal two, the ladies league will also have 14 teams.

League fixtures will begin week commencing the 4th September.