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Fixture books

The fixture books, score cards, cup draw and player registration/invoice form will be available for collection from the Colliton Club on FRIDAY 4TH AUGUST from 7.30pm. The books will then be left at the club for a week where they can be collected from the bar, please would all teams please make sure books are collected by FRIDAY 11TH AUGUST. Please contact the league secretary Brian Newton if you are unable to collect the books during this period.

The first weeks fixtures are w/c 4th September
Section A
Dewlish Monsters v Heathens
Barmy Army v Skimmers
Jolly Green Giants v Breakaways
Colliton Wide Boys v Alcotops
Brewers Bees v Patriots
Woodmen v Royal Oak Wanderers
Half Pints v Colliton Imps

Section B
Hammers v Tramps
Top Pins v Wurzels
Vic Reeves v Hartstoppers
Wool RBL Misfits v Mrs Browns Boys
Steamers v Puddletown Wanderers
Ray & Ken’s Yokels v Swankers
Colliton Chimps v Colliton Muckspreaders

Section C
Country Boys v Colliton Spares
Essentials v Villains
Imps B v Plodders
Untouchables v Trinity Strugglers
Rebels v Jokers
Colliton A v Merrymen
Colliton Flingers v Load of Bullocks

Section D
Frampton Fumblers v Swan Abbots
Greenstars v Ship Wrecked
Huntsmen v Unpredictable Strimmers
Coach & Heffers v Hotshots
Funseekers v Puddletown Nomads
Dribs ‘n’ Drabs v Frampton Rollers
Chaldon Chuckers v Wareham Legionaires

Crackerjacs v Oakettes
Trinity Sourz v Colliton Ladybirds
Colli-Cats v Al-Colli-Frolics
Mix Ups v Wonder Women
Devils v Breezers
Westenders v Team Unicorn
Vixens v Woodpeckers

Wonder Women

Ladies side Wonder Women (formally Crossfire Ladies) are looking for 1 more regular player for next season. They play their home matches on alley 1 at the Colliton Club on Monday nights. If interested please email