Monthly Archives: October 2017

Team Unicorn

Would all ladies teams please note that unfortunately Team Unicorn have withdrawn from the Ladies League, their games will now become a BYE and their record will be deleted.

Entry Fees and Registration Form

Please would all teams note that league entry fees must be paid to the league treasurer by 31st October, please contact Phil Slade with any questions regarding league fees

Please would all teams note that player registration forms must be returned to the league secretary by 31st October, please contact Brian Newton with any questions regarding registration forms.

Any team not paying the league fee and/or not returning their team registration sheet by 31st October will incur a two point deduction for each week after that date the fees remain unpaid and/or registration sheet has not been returned.

Ladies Pairs

The Ladies Pairs took place on Monday night at the Trinity Club and was well supported with 31 entries.
Denise Aspden and Sally Childs-Slade of Colliton Ladybirds won the competition beating Kelly Mitchell and Jennie Sims of Oakettes in the final.
It was a close final with both pairs on 41 after three hands, Ladybirds went 1-pin up on the fourth hand and left Oakettes 16-pins to win.
In the semi final the Ladybirds beat another pair of Oakettes, Claire Clarke and Jade Thompson, while Oakettes beat Anita Tweed and Kelly Godden of Breezers.