Monthly Archives: December 2017

Return of Trophies

Please would all trophy winners from last season return all team and individual trophies to Brian Newton in a satisfactory condition by January 31st. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £5, in addition to any repair costs.

Singles Competition

Andy Sharpe of Unpredictable Strimmers won the singles competition beating Julie Hale of Wool RBL Misfits in the final.
In the semi finals Andy beat Robbie Haime of Mrs Browns Boys and Julie beat Matt Payne of Dribs ‘n’ Drabs. The competition had 64 entries.

Skittlers of the week – Ladies w/c 4 Dec

Top score in the Ladies league was Denise Aspden of Colliton Ladybirds with 71 at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis. The highest team score was 413 by Oakettes  at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis, and the Oakettes finished the match with a 78 hand the highest of the week in the ladies league. The highest stick up was 16 hit by five players, Kate Wildman-Bradshaw of Breezers on alley one at the Colliton Club, and the other four 16’s came in the same match at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis, Jade Thompson and Kelly Mitchell of Oakettes, and Denise Aspden and Sally Childs-Slade of Colliton Ladybirds.

Singles Competition

The Singles Competition will take place on Friday 29th December at The Trinity Club with a 7.30 start.

The league has received 77 entries which are listed below. So after your Christmas festivities we hope to see you on the night.

The league will be running a raffle so if there is anyone who would like to donate a prize it would be most welcome.

Singles entries 2017

Barmy Army 1, Barrny Army 2, Breakaways 1, Breakaways 2, Brewers Bees 1,

Brewers Bees 2, Colliton lmps 1, Colliton Imps 2, Colliton Wide Boys 1,

Colliton Wide Boys 2, Dewlish Monsters 1, Dewlish Monsters 2, Half Pints 1,

Half Pints 2, Heathens 1, Heathens 2, Jolly Green Giants 1, Jolly Green Giants 2,

Royal Oak Wanderers 1, Royal Oak Wanderers 2, Skimmers 1, Skimmers 2,

Wurzels 1, Wurzels 2, Hammers 1, Hammers 2, Mrs Brown’s Boys 1,

Mrs Brown’s Boys 2, Puddletown Wanderers 1, Puddletown Wanderers 2,

Swankers 1, Swankers 2, Top Pins 1, Top Pins 2, Wool RBL Misfits 1,

Wool RBL Mishts 2, Colliton Flingers 1, Colliton Flingers 2, Essentials 1,

Essentials 2, Imps B 1, Imps B 2, Load of Bullocks 1, Load of Bullocks 2,

Plodders 1, Plodders 2, Rebels 1, Rebels 2, Trinity Strugglers 1, Trinity Strugglers 2,

Untouchables 1, Untouchables 2, Villains 1, Villains 2, Chaldon Chuckers 1,

Chaldon Chuckers 2, Frampton Rollers 1, Frampton Rollers 2, Hotshots 1,

Unpredictable Strimmers 1, Unpredictable Strimmers 2, Breezers 1, Breezers 2,

Colliton Ladybirds 1, Colliton Ladybirds 2, Crackerjacs 1, Crackerjacs 2, Devils 1,

Devils 2, Mix Ups l, Mix Ups 2, Oakettes 1, Oakettes 2, Vixens 1, Vixens 2,

Wonder Women 1, Wonder Women 2.