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Skittlers of the week – Open League w/c 8 Oct

Top score in the Open League was M Jeans of Wareham Legionaires with 73 at the Wareham Legion. The highest team score was 471 by Section B leaders Essentials in their 67-pins victory over Ray & Ken’s Yokels at the Spitfire Club. The highest hand was 83 by Barmy Army at the Goldies .

Team performances of the week
Section A: JOLLY GREEN GIANTS  – Jolly Green Giants got their first win of the season beating Patriots away at the Goldies by 2-pins, hitting 436.
Section B: ESSENTIALS  – Essentials hit 471 to stay top of Section B and beat Yokels by 67-pins at the Spitfire Club.
Section C: UNTOUCHABLES  – Untouchables won a close match at the Bladen Club, beating Wool Misfits by 9-pins, hitting 393
Section D: SWAN ABBOTS  – Swan Abbots hit 430 at Tom Browns to beat Huntsmen by 29-pins.

Skittlers of the week – Ladies w/c 8 Oct

Top score in the Ladies League was Jen Sims of Oakettes with 63 at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis. The highest team score was 432 by Oakettes in their 24-pins victory over Colliton Ladybirds, and Oakettes also hit the highest hand of the week with 69. The highest stick up was 18 by Jen Sims.

Team performance of the week: THE EASY BEATS
The Easy Beats who are new to the league this season got their first ever victory after four straight defeats, hitting 371 at the Victoria Hotel to beat Super Colli-Ders by 45-pins.

Singles Competition

The Singles Competition will take place on Friday 28th December. So far we have had 63 entries.
If your team does still want to enter the singles then please get in touch with Phil Slade whose e-mail is as soon as possible.
The date for return was September 30th but that has been extended to October 30th as that was the date last season.

Ladies Pairs

Would all ladies teams please note that the Ladies Pairs Competition entries need to be entered by Monday 15th October and sent in with payment to Phil Slade.
The competition takes place at the Trinity Club on Monday 12th November.

Cup & Plate draws

The draw has been made for the 2nd round of the Knockout Cup and the 1st round of the Plate. Games to be played w/c 12th November, once date is agreed between both teams and alley is booked please summit the date to the Fixture Secretary.

2nd round
Woodmen v Swan Abbots
Steamers v Colliton Muckspreaders
Country Boys v Patriots
Colliton Wide Boys v Magpie Imps
Strugglers v Colliton Spares
Breakaways v Frampton Rollers
Royal Oak Wanderers v Ray & Ken’s Yokels
Jokers v Hotshots
Essentials v Chaldon Chuckers
Unpredictable Strimmers v Merrymen
Wareham Legionaires v Dribs ‘n’ Drabs
Untouchables v Plodders
Heathens v Alcotops
Puddletown Wanderers v Colliton Rebels
Barmy Army v Colliton Imps
Swankers v Hammers.

Plate 1st round
Colliton Chimps v Villains
Colliton Flingers v Vic Reeves
Dewlish Monsters v Skimmers
Mrs Browns Boys v Frampton Fumblers

Teams with a bye in Plate 1st round – Colliton Supertramps, Puddletown Nomads, Bull & Heifers, Wool Misfits, Brewers Bees, Tom Browns Bullocks, Wurzels, Top Pins, Hartstoppers, Half Pints, Ship Wrecked, Jolly Green Giants.

Skittlers of the week – Knockout Cup 1st round w/c 1 Oct

Top score in the Knockout Cup was Steve Shear of Wareham Legionaires with 74 at the Wareham Legion.
Swankers from Section B produced the team performance of the round by beating last season’s Section A champions Skimmers away at the Bulls Head  by 4-pins hitting 483. Dewlish Monsters were also knocked out by a B section team as Alcotops won by 31-pins away at the Royal Oak, Milborne St.Andrew against their Section A opponents. The third Section A side to lose to lower league opposition was Half Pints who were beaten by Jokers of Section C at the Victoria Hotel by 2-pins.
There were also notable wins for three Section C teams who all beat B section teams, Plodders had a fine win over Brewers Bees on alley two at the Trinity Club hitting 370 to notch a 17-pins victory, while both Hotshots and Colliton Spares won away at the Victoria Hotel against Vic Reeves and Top Pins respectively.
Four Section D teams had wins over Section C opponents, there was three home wins as Strugglers beat Colliton Supertramps at the Goldies by 29-pins, Wareham Legionaires beat Colliton Flingers at the Wareham Legion  by 24-pins, Chaldon Chuckers beat Wool Misfits by 5-pins at the Frampton Arms, Moreton, while Merrymen won away on alley two at the Trinity Club to Villians by 12-pins.

Vic Reeves 404 (G Pullen 61), Hotshots 409 (D Potter 65);
Top Pins 390 (A Travers 56), Colliton Spares 399 (M Chalmers 60);
Tom Browns Bullocks 417 (R Symes 64), Essentials 430 (M Elford 63);
Strugglers 434 (G Brazier 71), Colliton Supertramps 405 (R Harvey 56);
Wareham Legionaires 432 (S Shear 74), Colliton Flingers 408 (G Cockett 64);
Plodders 370 (L Newman 53), Brewers Bees 353 (L Notley 53);
Frampton Fumblers 359 (M Way 51), Royal Oak Wanderers 406 (V Penney 57);
Villains 321 (S Breach 49), Merrymen 333 (D Prior 50);
Skimmers 479 (J Roe 68), Swankers 483 (K Bugler 72);
Mrs Browns Boys 417 (J West 60), Hammers 446 (P Hardy 63);
Puddletown Nomads 372 (D Hambidge 55), Steamers 424 (M Swain 62);
Chaldon Chuckers 376 (N Dennis 54), Wool Misfits 371 (M Pidgeon 60);
Wurzels 426 (M Scotchmer 65), Heathens 472 (J Hallett 73);
Jokers 418 (C Lake 62), Half Pints 416 (M Heal 63);
Dewlish Monsters 384 (H Cox 56), Alcotops 415 (G Clarke 64);
Colliton Chimps 387 (D Moors 56), Woodmen 414 (A Lovett 59);
Ship Wrecked 366 (A Thornton 56), Dribs ‘n’ Drabs 394 (J Claridge 56);
Colliton Imps 432 (M Haime 68), Jolly Green Giants 409 (M Hallett 58);
Ray & Ken’s Old Spice Yokels 402 (N Gilbert 57), Hartstoppers 398 (A Fowler 61);
Puddletown Wanderers 436 (G Steele, M Thomson 59), The Bull & Heifers 361 (J Pritchard 55).

Skittlers of the week – Open League w/c 24 Sept

Top scores in the D&DSL were Stuart Brown of Breakaways at the Wool RBL and C Hulkerston of Essentials at the Bulls Head both with 72.
The highest team score was 477 by Puddletown Wanderers at the Spitfire Club, 477 is the highest score so far this season, Wanderers won by 20-pins and became the first team to beat Half Pints this season. The highest hand was 83 by Dewlish Monsters against Colliton Imps on alley two at the Colliton Club.

Team performances of the week
Section A: PATRIOTS  – Patriots won away to Woodmen by 41 at the Royal Oak, Milborne St.Andrew hitting 435, the highest score on the Oak alley this season.
Section B: TOP PINS  – Top Pins won their first match of the season hitting 426 to beat Mrs Browns Boys by 24-pins at Tom Browns.
Section C: COLLITON REBELS  – Colliton Rebels hit 425 at the Victoria Hotel to beat previously unbeaten Hotshots by 45-pins.
Section D: CHALDEN CHUCKERS  – Chaldon Chuckers won by 17-pins at the Goldies against Strugglers, hitting 399.