Skittlers of the week – Open League w/c 10 Sept

Top score in the Dorchester and District Skittles League was Ryan Hopton of Breakaways with 82 at the Wool RBL. The highest team score was 465 by Frampton Rollers of Section D in their 59-pins victory over Ship Wrecked at the Frampton Arms, Moreton. The highest hand was 78 by Half Pints, who started the match with that score against Colliton Imps and went onto win the match by 30-pins on alley two at the Colliton Club.

Team performances of the week
Section A: SKIMMERS – Champions Skimmers made it two wins out of two with an impressive score of 436 on alley three at the Trinity Club as they beat Jolly Green Giants by 72-pins, with Adam Steele finishing with three stick ups in a row to score 75.
Section B: HARTSTOPPERS – Hartstoppers hit 432 in their home victory on alley two at the Colliton Club against Vic ReeveS, with 68 from C Bascombe and A Fowler.
Section C: MAGPIE IMPS – Magpie Imps got their first win of the season hitting 396 at Dorchester Football Club to beat Colliton Supertramps by 32-pins.
Section D: FRAMPTON ROLLERS – Frampton Rollers hit the leagues highest score of the season so far with 465 at the Frampton Arms, Moreton.