Skittlers of the week – Open League w/c 17 Sept

Top score in the Open League was M Coward of Jokers with 75 on alley one at the Colliton Club. The highest team score was 463 by Half Pints who remain unbeaten after beating Hammers by 46-pins at the Bulls Head in Section A, and the Half Pints also notched the highest hand of the week , finishing with 80.

Team performances of the week
Section A: BARMY ARMY  – Barmy Army hit 451 at the Goldies to beat Breakaways by 32-pins, 451 is the highest score at the Goldies this season and it was Breakaways first defeat of the season.
Section B: ALCOTOPS  – Alcotops became the first team to hit over 400 at DTFC this season, their 411 total gave them a 36-pins victory over previously unbeaten Hartstoppers.
Section C: JOKERS  – Jokers remain unbeaten after beating Colliton Rebels by 40-pins on alley one at the Colliton Club, Jokers total of 439 is both the highest in the Section C and the highest on alley one so far this season.
Section D: WAREHAM LEGIONAIRES  – Wareham Legionaires finally got to play a match after having a bye in the first week and then a team cancel against them in the second week, and a total of 407 at the Wareham Legion gave them a 10-pins victory over Puddletown Nomads who had won both of their opening matches.