Skittlers of the week – Knockout Cup 1st round w/c 1 Oct

Top score in the Knockout Cup was Steve Shear of Wareham Legionaires with 74 at the Wareham Legion.
Swankers from Section B produced the team performance of the round by beating last season’s Section A champions Skimmers away at the Bulls Head  by 4-pins hitting 483. Dewlish Monsters were also knocked out by a B section team as Alcotops won by 31-pins away at the Royal Oak, Milborne St.Andrew against their Section A opponents. The third Section A side to lose to lower league opposition was Half Pints who were beaten by Jokers of Section C at the Victoria Hotel by 2-pins.
There were also notable wins for three Section C teams who all beat B section teams, Plodders had a fine win over Brewers Bees on alley two at the Trinity Club hitting 370 to notch a 17-pins victory, while both Hotshots and Colliton Spares won away at the Victoria Hotel against Vic Reeves and Top Pins respectively.
Four Section D teams had wins over Section C opponents, there was three home wins as Strugglers beat Colliton Supertramps at the Goldies by 29-pins, Wareham Legionaires beat Colliton Flingers at the Wareham Legion  by 24-pins, Chaldon Chuckers beat Wool Misfits by 5-pins at the Frampton Arms, Moreton, while Merrymen won away on alley two at the Trinity Club to Villians by 12-pins.

Vic Reeves 404 (G Pullen 61), Hotshots 409 (D Potter 65);
Top Pins 390 (A Travers 56), Colliton Spares 399 (M Chalmers 60);
Tom Browns Bullocks 417 (R Symes 64), Essentials 430 (M Elford 63);
Strugglers 434 (G Brazier 71), Colliton Supertramps 405 (R Harvey 56);
Wareham Legionaires 432 (S Shear 74), Colliton Flingers 408 (G Cockett 64);
Plodders 370 (L Newman 53), Brewers Bees 353 (L Notley 53);
Frampton Fumblers 359 (M Way 51), Royal Oak Wanderers 406 (V Penney 57);
Villains 321 (S Breach 49), Merrymen 333 (D Prior 50);
Skimmers 479 (J Roe 68), Swankers 483 (K Bugler 72);
Mrs Browns Boys 417 (J West 60), Hammers 446 (P Hardy 63);
Puddletown Nomads 372 (D Hambidge 55), Steamers 424 (M Swain 62);
Chaldon Chuckers 376 (N Dennis 54), Wool Misfits 371 (M Pidgeon 60);
Wurzels 426 (M Scotchmer 65), Heathens 472 (J Hallett 73);
Jokers 418 (C Lake 62), Half Pints 416 (M Heal 63);
Dewlish Monsters 384 (H Cox 56), Alcotops 415 (G Clarke 64);
Colliton Chimps 387 (D Moors 56), Woodmen 414 (A Lovett 59);
Ship Wrecked 366 (A Thornton 56), Dribs ‘n’ Drabs 394 (J Claridge 56);
Colliton Imps 432 (M Haime 68), Jolly Green Giants 409 (M Hallett 58);
Ray & Ken’s Old Spice Yokels 402 (N Gilbert 57), Hartstoppers 398 (A Fowler 61);
Puddletown Wanderers 436 (G Steele, M Thomson 59), The Bull & Heifers 361 (J Pritchard 55).