Knockout Cup

1st round
Vic Reeves v Hotshots
Top Pins v Colliton Spares
Tom Browns Bullocks v Essentials
Strugglers v Colliton Supertramps
Wareham Legionaires v Colliton Flingers
Plodders v Brewers Bees
Frampton Fumblers v Royal Oak Wanderers
Villains v Merrymen
Skimmers v Swankers
Mrs Browns Boys v Hammers
Puddletown Nomads v Steamers
Chaldon Chuckers v Wool Misfits
Wurzels v Heathens
Jokers v Half Pints
Dewlish Monsters v Alcotops
Colliton Chimps v Woodmen – Friday 5 October – Colliton Club alley 1
Ship Wrecked v Dribs ‘n’ Drabs
Colliton Imps v Jolly Green Giants – Friday 5 October – Colliton Club alley 2
Ray & Ken’s Old Spice Yokels v Hartstoppers
Puddletown Wanderers v The Bull & Heifers

Games to be played w/c 1st October, once date is agreed between both teams and alley is booked please summit the date to the Fixture Secretary.

Teams with a bye – Magpie Imps, Patriots, Untouchables, Swan Abbots, Colliton Rebels, Colliton Wide Boys, Frampton Rollers, Unpredictable Strimmers, Breakaways, Barmy Army, Country Boys and Colliton Muckspreaders.

Knockout Cup dates for season 2018-19

1st Round w/c 1-10-18
2nd Round w/c 12-11-18
3rd Round w/c 31-12-18
Quater Finals TBC
Semi Finals Friday 12th April 2019
Final Friday 3rd May 2019