Singles, Pairs & Prominent Dates

Ladies Pairs Competition
Winners – Denise Aspden and Sally Childs-Slade of Colliton Ladybirds
Runners up – Kelly Mitchell and Jennie Sims of Oakettes

Singles Competition
Winner – Andy Sharpe of Unpredictable Strimmers
Runner up – Julie Hale of Wool RBL Misfits

Secretaries Shield Competition
Winner – Michael Aylott of Patriots
Runner up – Paul Loveless of Unpredictable Strimmers

Ladies Secretaries Shield Competition
Winner – Jen Sims of Oakettes
Runner up – Kelly Godden of Breezers

Sticker-up Cup Competition
Winner – Lloyd Wilson of Vic Reeves
Runner up – Ryan Welch of Mrs Browns Boys

Open Pairs Competition
Winners – Matt King & Darren Kenny of Barmy Army
Runners up – Matt Elford & Mike Azzaro of Essentials