Colliton Club 4-a-side Competition

The Colliton Club are running a four a side skittle competition if you miss your skittles and would like to play in the summer.

There are two competitions a knockout and a plate competition for those who go out in the first round.

There are money prizes of £200 for the winner of the knockout and £80 for the winner of the plate plus runner up prizes.

Please find attached an entry form which you can return to the Colliton and if you need more then please get in touch with Brian Newton. Colliton Club 4 a side

The club hopes you will support the skittles and help raise money for the Air Ambulance.

Skimmers crowned Section A champions

Skimmers have won Section A after beating Heathens on Friday while their closest rivals Colliton Wide Boys lost away to Royal Oak Wanderers

At the bottom Alcotops are already relegated, while Half Pints beat Brewers Bees on Thursday to give themselves a one pin lead over the Bees. Brewers Bees face Royal Oak Wanderers on Thursday at home knowing a defeat would send them down. Half Pints play away to Woodmen on Friday.

Games to play
Half Pints 14pts – Woodmen (A)
Brewers Bees 13pts – Royal Oak Wanderers (H)

If a play off is needed it will take place on Thursday 3rd May, venue to be confirmed.


Hammers champions, Wanderers promoted

Hammers are heading to Section A after victory over Hartstoppers on Thursday meant that they won Section B, while on Friday Puddletown Wanderers clinched promotion after they won and Wurzels lost.

At the bottom Wool RBL Misfits are relegated, while the final relegation place is between Tramps and Colliton Muckspreaders with the pair meeting on Thursday night on alley one at the Colliton Club, victory for Tramps would see the two having to meet again in a play off.

Games to play
Colliton Muckspreaders 17pts – Tramps (H)
Tramps 15pts – Colliton Muckspreaders (A)

If a play off is needed it will take place on Thursday 3rd May, venue to be confirmed.


Essentials win Section C

Essentials have won Section C after leading the way all season and are worthy champions. In second place Country Boys are just a point behind Flingers and know that victory in their final match at home to Villains on Friday will see them promoted as Flingers have finished their fixtures and have a bye this week.

Games to play
Colliton Flingers 33pts – Bye
Country Boys 32pts – Villains (H)

At the bottom Merrymen are relegated, while Trinity Strugglers need to beat Imps B and hope that Rebels lose their last match at home to Merrymen. Although with there being a bye in Section C it’s likely that only one team will be relegated.

Games to play
Rebels 16pts – Merrymen (H)
Trinity Strugglers – 14pts – Imps B (A)

If a play off is needed it will take place on Thursday 3rd May, venue to be confirmed.

Sticker up Cup

Lloyd Wilson of Vic Reeves won the Sticker-up Cup at the Colliton Club beating Ryan Welch of Mrs Browns Boys in the final.
In the semi finals Lloyd beat Charlie Gosney of Devils, while Ryan beat Megan Green of Jolly Green Giants.

Secretaries Shield

Michael Aylott of Patriots won the Secretaries Shield beating Paul Loveless of Unpredictable Strimmers in the final. Michael beat Mark Cope of Load of Bullocks in the semi final, while Paul beat Charlie Gosney of Imps B.

In the ladies competition Jen Sims of Oakettes beat Kelly Godden of Breezers in the final. In the semi final Jen beat Mel Gosney of Devils, while Kelly beat Sharon Rose of Crackerjacs.


The D&DSL have one vacancy for a team in the Open League, teams in Section A,B,C and D can be made up from any combination, men’s, ladies or mixed.
The ladies league currently have two vacancies, only ladies are permitted to play in the ladies league.

Singles Competition

Andy Sharpe of Unpredictable Strimmers won the singles competition beating Julie Hale of Wool RBL Misfits in the final.
In the semi finals Andy beat Robbie Haime of Mrs Browns Boys and Julie beat Matt Payne of Dribs ‘n’ Drabs. The competition had 64 entries.

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