Skittlers of the week – Open league w/c 30 Oct

Top scores in the league were Sam Napper of Puddletown Wanderers at the Bulls Head and
Gary Osborne of Steamers at the Victoria Hotel both with 72.
The highest team score was 488 by Puddletown Wanderers in their 46-pins victory over
Wurzels in Section B at the Bulls Head.
The highest hand was 87 by Colliton Wide Boys on alley 2 at the Colliton Club.

Skittlers of the week – Ladies w/c 30 Oct

Top score in the ladies league was Becky Homewood of Devils with 59 on alley 1 at the Colliton Club. The highest team score was 369 by Breezers on alley 2 at the Colliton Club, and Breezers also hit the highest hand of the week when they scored 61. The highest stick up was 15 by H Fletcher of Al-Colli-Frolics on alley 2 at the Colliton Club.

Team Unicorn

Would all ladies teams please note that unfortunately Team Unicorn have withdrawn from the Ladies League, their games will now become a BYE and their record will be deleted.