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Section A – Winner takes all

Skimmers defeat away to Breakaways on Friday sets up a fitting finale on Friday, the Bulls Head outfit are now just 1 point ahead of this week opponents Royal Oak Wanderers who they host at the Bulls Head with the winners taking the Section A title. Royal Oak beat Half Pints at home by 28-pins to keep themselves in the race. At the bottom Woodmen have been relegated after losing at home by 22-pins to Hammers, which leaves Hammers a point above both Heathens and Monsters after Monsters beat Heathens on Friday to leave both teams on 18 points. Heathens face a tough away match against Colliton Wide Boys on Thursday, while Monsters host Breakaways on Friday, if they both lose it could set up a play off for relegation, but if they both win and Hammers lose to Green Giants on Friday then Hammers would face the drop.

Any play offs will be played on Thursday 9 May

Top – Games to play

Skimmers 35pts – Royal Oak Wanderers (H)

Royal Oak Wanderers 34pts – Skimmers (A)


Hammers 19pts – Jolly Green Giants (H)

Heathens 18pts – Colliton Wide Boys (A)

Dewlish Monsters 18pts – Breakaways (H)

Section B run in – Alcotops promoted

With Essentials already crowned as champions it was Alcotops turn to clinch promotion back to Section A, they beat nearest rivals for the runners up spot Swankers away by 8-pins. It’s a quick return to Section A for the Alcotops after relegation from the A section last season, and it’s the third time that Alcotops have come runners up in Section B after doing so in both 2010 and 2017. At the bottom Ray & Ken’s Old Spice Yokels spell of 13 seasons in Section B came to an end with defeat to Brewers Bees which means they join Top Pins in relegation to Section C.

Section C run in – Nine teams with all to play for

Tom Browns Bullocks have already won Section C but the runners up spot is far from decided with four teams all on the same number of points, defeats for Rebels and Jokers have let back in Imps who had a bye last week while Hotshots got themselves back into the frame with a win at home against Wool Misfits. All four face tricky away games in the final week, first up on Wednesday is Jokers who play Supertramps, then on Thursday Flingers host Rebels, while on Friday Magpie Imps go to Wool to face Misfits, and Hotshots travel to the Bladen Club to take on Untouchables. If the runners up spot is close then relegation is just as tight with two spots still to be taken, on Thursday bottom side Plodders who have 16 points play Villains who sit just a point ahead so which ever team lose will be relegated. On Friday Colliton Spares who are also on 17 points host Strimmers who have 18 points, a defeat for Spares would put them down and keep Strimmers up, but a win would bring Strimmers into the reckoning, and also could bring Misfits into it unless they beat Imps which would put them safe.

Any play offs will be played on Thursday 9 May

Top – Games to play

Magpie Imps 27pts – Wool Misfits (A)

Hotshots 27pts – Untouchables (A)

Colliton Rebels 27pts – Colliton Flingers (A)

Jokers 27pts – Colliton Supertramps (A)

Bottom – Games to play

Unpredictable Strimmers 18pts – Colliton Spares (A)

Wool Misfits 18pts -Magpie Imps (H)

Villains 17pts – Plodders (A)

Colliton Spares 17pts – Unpredictable Strimmers (H)

Plodders 16pts – Villains (H)

Section D run in – Legionaires & Rollers promoted

Both Wareham Legionaires and Frampton Rollers are promoted from Section D. Legionaires are 2 points ahead of Rollers and if they avoid defeat away to Ship Wrecked on Thursday they will be crowned champions. The night before Rollers have an away derby match when they take on fellow Frampton Arms side Fumblers. A win for Rollers and a defeat for Legionaires would set up a play off on Thursday 9 May.

Games to play 

Wareham Legionaires – 38pts Ship Wrecked (A)

Frampton Rollers – 36pts Frampton Fumblers (A)

Skittlers of the week – Ladies w/c 25 March

Top score in the Ladies League was Kelly Hedges of The Easy Beats with 63 at the Victoria Hotel. The highest team score was 365 by Woodpeckers in their 5-pins victory over Crackerjacs at the Goldies. The highest hand was 63 by Crackerjacs at the Goldies. The highest stick up was 15 by three players, Kirsten Otter of Woodpeckers and Angie Courtney of Crackerjacs
both at the Goldies, and Heather Langdown of Colli-Cats on alley one at the Colliton Club.

Team performance of the week – OAKETTES

Oakettes stayed two points clear at the top of the table with a 37-pins victory over Devils at Dorchester Town Football Club hitting 357.

Sticker Up Cup

The Sticker Up Cup takes place on Thursday 11 April at the Colliton Club from 7.30pm. Each team are allowed to enter one sticker up provided they are aged between 14 and 18. To enter please contact Terry Gosney the fixture secretary, this competition is free to enter.

We have 26 entries so far
Colliton Imps, Wareham Legionaires, Devils, Vic Reeves, Magpie Imps, Swankers, Wool Misfits, Colliton Supertramps, Swan Abbots, Royal Oak Wanderers, Vixens, Colliton Rebels, Huntsmen, Puddletown Wanderers, Crackerjacs, Skimmers, Strugglers, Heathens, Chalden Chuckers, Essentials, Wonder Women, Mrs Browns Boys, Wurzels, Funseekers, Mix Ups Alcotops

Ladies run in – Title goes down to last game

The Ladies League won’t be decided until the final week of fixtures but now there are only two teams who can finish in the top two. Oakettes will win their first title since 2011 if they avoid defeat in their last game of the season at home to Super Colli-Ders on Monday. Vixens are 2 points behind and will be runners up, but if Oakettes slip up and Vixens win their home match with Easy Beats they could force a play off for the title.

Games to play

Oakettes 37pts – Super Colli-Ders (H)

Vixens 35pts – The Easy Beats (H)

Skittlers of the week – Open League w/c 18 March

Top score in the Open League was Ryan Green of Jolly Green Giants with 77 at the Spitfire Club, Crossways. The highest team score was 464 by Half Pints in their 3-pins win against Breakaways at the Bulls Head. The highest hand was 83 by Patriots on alley two at the Colliton Club.

Team performances of the week
Section A: WOODMEN – Bottom side Woodmen came from 24-pins behind after two hands to win by 11-pins away against Colliton Imps on alley two at the Colliton Club, Woodmen hit 458 including 81 on the fourth hand. Woodmen will need two more wins and hope results go their way if they are to avoid the drop.
Section B: MRS BROWNS BOYS – Mrs Browns Boys hit their highest score at home this season 462 as they beat Hartstoppers 20-pins. The Tom Browns outfit started the match with a hand of 79.
Section C: COLLITON SUPERTRAMPS – Supertramps beat promotion hopefuls Colliton Rebels by 28-pins hitting 435 on alley one at the Colliton Club, Tramps started the match with a 69 hand and also hit 71 on the third hand as they took an early lead.
Section D: FRAMPTON FUMBLERS – Fumblers beat league leaders Wareham Legionaires by 16-pins hitting 411, trailing by 12-pins with two hands to go the Fumblers hit hands of 65 and 66 on their Frampton Arms alley to win the match.

Skittlers of the week – Ladies League w/c 18 March

Top score in the Ladies League was Jen Sims of Oakettes with 61 at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis. The highest team score was 413 by Oakettes, and the leaders also hit the highest hand of the week with 70. The highest stick up was 18 by Jen Sims.

Team performance of the week – WESTENDERS

Westenders hit 393 which their highest home score of the season in their 11-pins victory over Colli-Cats, with both teams hitting hands of 50 plus all night at the Spitfire Club, Crossways.

Section D run in – Legionaires poised for promotion

Wareham Legionaires will be promoted if they avoid defeat on Wednesday night at the Frampton Arms against Frampton Fumblers. Both the second and third placed teams face tricky games this week, on Thursday third placed Swan Abbots play away to Strugglers at Goldies, while on Friday Frampton Rollers play away to Dribs ‘n’ Drabs on alley three at the Trinity Club, and Legionaires could be crowned champions on Friday if they win on Wednesday and Rollers lose Friday.

Top – Games to play 

Wareham Legionaires – 36pts Frampton Fumblers (A) Chaldon Chuckers (H) Ship Wrecked (A)

Frampton Rollers – 32pts Dribs ‘n’ Drabs (A) Funseekers (H) Frampton Fumblers (A)

Swan Abbots – 30pts Strugglers (A) Dribs ‘n’ Drabs (H) Funseekers (A)