Monthly Archives: July 2020

Email from the League Secretary

Hello All,

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for returning your entry form for the next D&DSL 2020/21 season.

Another month on and the committee still doesn’t know how or when the skittles season could restart… we can’t even hold an AGM yet!

But before we can think about commencing a new season, there are considerations:

When will lockdown restrictions allow skittles to be played? Can venues host skittles in a Covid-secure way (for staff, players and sticker ups)?
Do teams want to resume playing skittles (and if so, when)? Should we aim for running say a half-season starting in January?

The committee understand all of your concerns with regard to how and when the next season will commence after the Covid 19 pandemic. The following may help:

1. We will NOT be playing skittles until it safe for everyone to play safely and keep well which has always been the committee’s intention.

2. Everyone will get the chance to meet the committee as there will be an AGM before any new season is considered.

3. Things are changing all the time and we will always be aware of the concerns of all members of our league especially the older generation into which I as secretary fall !!

4. We do not want to lose teams from the league and will do everything in our power to keep skittles going as long as possible and to assist teams.

5. If any pubs/clubs shut then we will try and help teams to find alternative venues.

6. The Committee will ensure that as much skittles, as safely as possible, is played during the forthcoming season, in whatever format can best utilise the time available.

The committee are proposing to initially approach pubs/clubs and get their take on when they believe they may be able to host skittles again – and then to approach you – the teams/players – as to if and when you would be happy to start playing again. Hence there will be an Annual General Meeting.
We’re all in the dark here, so in the meantime… captains, landlords and club secretaries please feel free to get in touch with any of the officers with your thoughts/suggestions/reservations.

Keep safe and well.