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Skittlers of the week – Open Knockout Cup w/c 6 Dec

Top score in the 1st round of the Open Knockout Cup was Jamie Barrett of Colliton Imps with 75 at the Spitfire Club, Crossways. The highest team score was 486 by Breakaways of Section A as they beat New Inn Chuckers of Section D by 52-pins at the Wool Britsh Legion. The highest hand was 86 by Colliton Imps in their clash with fellow Section A side Puddletown Wanderers at the Spitfire Club, with Imps coming out on top winning by 45-pins.

At the Colliton Club on alley one Colliton Spares and Essentials went to an extra hand after finishing level, both hitting 423, and it was the Section C side Colliton Spares that came out on top hitting 79 on their extra hand to win by 19-pins. Other notable wins saw Section C leaders Wareham Legionaires knock out Jolly Green Giants from Section A, the Wareham outfit won by 31-pins hitting 475 which is their highest home score of the season. Another Section C side that knocked out Section A opponents were Top Pins who beat Royal Oak Wanderers away at the Bloxworth Club by 26-pins hitting 398 on what is a difficult alley. Lastly Merrymen of Section D who are without a win all season beat Steamers of Section B by 13-pins on their Three Compasses alley.

Skittlers of the week – Ladies League w/c 29 Nov

Top score in the Ladies League was Lisa Keegan of Trinity Mix Ups with 66 at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis. It was a high scoring match between Oakettes and Mix Ups, Lisa’s 66 is the highest individual score of the season so far, while Oakettes hit both the highest team score and the highest hand of the season so far, 406 and a 67 hand as they won the match by 13-pins. Lisa’s 17 was the highest stick up of the week.

In the Ladies Cup Hot Cheese Stampers beat Woodpeckers by 16-pins at the Three Compasses, Charminster.

Message from the League Secretary

Hello Everyone,

With the recent news on a new Covid variant being identified and with only this week and the cup week left before Christmas I would just like to remind teams to be careful over the next few matches and to use any hand sanitisers provided and to be as careful as possible with social distancing when playing your games. If you all do your bit to help keep the pubs open and the league ongoing over the next few months that would be very helpful. It would be a shame if more restrictions may be brought in so please keep safe and well.

Safe skittling,