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Dribs ‘n’ Drabs

The Open League will have 47 teams for the forthcoming season, we have three teams re-joining, Alcotops, Colliton Rebels and Jokers while we have lost one team from the Open League with Dribs ‘n’ Drabs not entering.

Dribs ‘n’ Drabs were formed in 2010 playing on alley three at the Trinity Club and finished ninth in their debut season in Section D. After two third place finishes Dribs ‘n’ Drabs won the Section D title in 2014.

The Drabs spent one season in Section C, 14-15, finishing second bottom. Back in Section D for season 15-16 it was a bottom place finish, before a fourth and a fifth place finish over the next couple of seasons.

Last season saw Dribs ‘n’ Drabs finish fifth.


The Ladies League will have eight teams in it for the forthcoming season which is one less than last season as Breezers have not entered.

Breezers were formed in 1999 and played their home matches at the Top Shots Pool Club on a Tuesday night. The team was initially called Top Shot Breezers and in their debut season won the Ladies Section B title winning 22 of their 26 matches.

Breezers debut season in Ladies Section A saw them playing on alley 2 at the Trinity Club on a Tuesday. A ninth place finish in their first season was followed by relegation in 2002 as they finished bottom of the table.

The next five seasons were spent in Section B until they finished top in the 06-07 season.

For the 07-08 season Breezers moved to the Colliton Club playing on alley 2 on a Tuesday. Their early days at the Colliton saw them relegated from the top section but then promoted straight back as runners up in 2009.

Back in the top section Breezers were to become one of the top ladies teams winning the Ladies Plate in 2010 followed by their finniest achievement  a year later when they won the Ladies Cup Final against Oakettes, a season that saw them finish third in Section A, their best finish.  They were now known as Colliton Breezers and the team appeared in two more Plate finals in 2012 and 2015 but both times they were to finish as runners up.

Breezers returned to the Trinity Club in 2017 on alley 1 and then a switch to alley 2 the following year. Last season they were back on alley 1 but it was a tough season for Breezers both on and off the alley as they struggled for a team and finished bottom of the Ladies League.

The Breezers were certainly one of the more colourful teams in our league, always full of fun whether they were playing their games or entertaining us at the end of season Presentation Evenings in their fancy dress outfits.

Thank you ladies. 

Skimmers make it 40 years in Section A

Skimmers have been in Section A since 1982 making them the team with the longest current unbeaten run of seasons in the top section. Formed in 1978 Skimmers climbed to the top section which they have won on five occasions.

Teams current continuous years in Section A

Skimmers 1982

Breakaways 1988

Imps 1995

Wide Boys 1998

Royal Oak Wanderers 2002 (promoted as Marco)

Patriots 2003

Barmy Army 2011

Dewlish Monsters 2012

Jolly Green Giants 2016

Puddletown Wanderers 2018

Woodmen 2022

Hammers 2022

Although Skimmers record is very impressive Dewlish Monsters were in Section A from 1957 (at the time Milborne Monsters) until relegation in 2011, but the Milborne outfit were in Section B just one season as they gained promotion as champions which means they have played over 60 years in Section A.

Another long run in Section A was from Colliton Spares who as Colliton B (formed in 1956) played in the top section from 1959 until Spares were relegated in 2009 (They became Colliton Spares in 1985 after one season being called Colliton 7-2 Bang 15)

The oldest teams names still going from the information that we have our Puddletown Wanderers and Puddletown Nomads who were both in the fixture book in 1954.

Brewers Bees are another team that can be traced back to the 50’s. As Brewers Arms ‘B’ they played in 1957 with the name change to Brewers Bees in 1960.

*This info is as accurate as possible with the history records that we have.


The fixtures for the new season can be found by going to the fixtures menu. The season starts the week commencing 5th Sept and these are the first weeks matches.

Section A

Patriots v Colliton Wide Boys
Dewlish Monsters v Puddletown Wanderers
Hammers v Royal Oak Wanderers
Skimmers v Woodmen
Breakaways v Colliton Imps
Barmy Army v Jolly Green Giants

Section B

Brewers Bees v Wareham Legionaires
Heathens v Vic Reeves
Hotshots v Swankers
Essentials v Trinity Allsorts
Hartstoppers v Steamers
Colliton Magpie Imps v Half Pints

Section C

Colliton Flingers v Misfits
Goldies Gorillaz v Plodders
Country Boys v Yokels On Tour@Colliton
Muckspreaders v Vic’s Brown Bullocks
Untouchables v Villains
Swan Abbots v Colliton Spares

Section D

New Inn Chuckers v Funseekers
Jokers v Rollers
Alcotops v Unpredictable Strimmers
Merrymen v Puddletown Nomads
Bye v Strugglers
Colliton Rebels v Ship Wrecked


Crackerjacs v Vixens
Woodpeckers v Oakettes
Hot Cheese Stampers v Trinity Mix Ups
Wonder Women v The Easy Beats