Skittlers of the week – Knockout Cup & Plate w/c 31 Dec

The top score in the third round of the Knockout Cup was Martin Haime of Colliton Imps with 74 on alley two at the Colliton Club.

Swankers produced the team performance of the round hitting 430 as they beat Section B rivals Alcotops by 54-pins at Dorchester Town Football Club, while Section B leaders Essentials produced the shock of the round winning away to cup holders Breakaways of Section A at the Wool Legion.

In the all Section A clash at the Colliton Club it was Imps that came out on top beating local rivals Wide Boys by 40-pins. Four more Section A sides made it through to the last eight all winning homes matches, Patriots, Woodmen, Puddletown Wanderers and leaders Royal Oak Wanderers. Untouchables of Section C are the only side from outside the top two sections to make it to the Quarter Finals, a 71 on the sixth hand of their match with Strugglers at the Bladen Social Club turned the game in the home sides favour and they won 9-pins.

Top score in the second round of the Plate was Andy Baker of Colliton Supertramps with 74 at Tom Browns.

Puddletown Nomads of Section D produced the performance of the round in the Plate beating Colliton Chimps of Section B by 2-pins at Goldies. Wool Misfits of Section C beat the Top Pins of Section B by 18-pins at the Wool Legion. In the all Section B clash Vic Reeves won away to Hartstoppers on alley two at the Colliton Club by 8-pins, while in the all Section C clash leaders Tom Browns Bullocks lost at home to Colliton Supertramps by 15-pins. The other four sides through in the Plate include three Section A sides, Half Pints, Dewlish Monsters, Jolly Green Giants and Brewers Bees of Section B.