Skimmers are back to back champions of Section A

Skimmers beat second placed Royal Oak Wanderers by 46-pins at the Bulls Head to finish 3 points ahead of their opponents and win Section A for the second season running. Its Skimmers fifth Section A title, there other wins coming in 1991, 1993 and 2005. Skimmers were founded by Tony Clark in 1978 and won Section E in their very first season, won the D section in 1980 before coming runners up in Section C in 1981, and then promotion to Section A came in 1982 after winning Section B, they have been in Section A ever since making them the longest running team in the Section. Current secretary Steve Willsher is the only original member from the 1978 team still playing for the team.

Runners up Royal Oak Wanderers were originally called Marco Wanderers when they joined the league in 1997 and like Skimmers quickly went up through the sections, winning Section F in 1998, Section E in 1999, Section D in 2000, Section C in 2001 and the B section in 2002. They won three section A titles on the trot, 06,07 and 08. In 2009 they changed their name to Greyhound Wanderers and won the title again in 2011. They became Royal Oak Wanderers in 2014.

At the bottom Heathens six seasons in Section A came to an end after defeat away to Colliton Wide Boys left them on 18 points, and Monsters home win against Breakaways moved them onto 20 points. Woodmen were already relegated, after only two seasons back in the top section.