Knockout Cup & Plate semi finals

Knockout Cup Semi Finals
Essentials 393 (M Bennett 54), Swankers 380 (S Huttley 54); 
Royal Oak Wanderers 418 (I Penney, P Bolton 55), Woodmen 415 (A Climo 62).

The Knockout Cup Final is on Friday 3 May at Tom Browns. Board to be marked by Luke Short / Derek Burt.

Plate Semi Finals
Half Pints 409 (M Slade 67), Dewlish Monsters 399 (S Ross 55);
Jolly Green Giants 420 (M Green 64), Vic Reeves 430 (M Wiffin 62).

The Plate Final is on Friday 3 May on alley two at the Colliton Club – Board to be marked Sheila Cummins