Skittlers of the week – Open Knockout Cup & Plate w/c 11 Nov

Top score in the Open Knockout Cup was Ryan Green of Breakaways with 81 at the Wool Legion, while in the Open Plate Alex Toms of Colliton Chimps was top score with 72 on alley one at the Colliton Club. The highest team score was 515 by Breakaways in their 59-pins cup victory over Plodders. There were notable wins for three Section C teams in the cup, Wareham Legionaires who after drawing their match with Section A side Dewlish Monsters won the play off hand by 9-pins at the Wareham Legion, Magpie Imps beat Vic Reeves of Section B at DTFC, while Colliton Spares won away to Section B side Steamers at New Inn, West Knighton. In the Plate Swan Abbots of Section D won away at the Trinity Club against Hammers of Section A by 6-pins.