Singles Competition

The list of teams below are the ones that have entered the Singles Competition on 3rd January (7.20 for 7.30 start) if you wish to play and your team have not yet entered you still have time to enter, the cost of the competition is £1.50 per person (either cash or cheque) and each team can enter two players, all entries must be sent to Phil Slade by Saturday 14th December. Please note there will be no entries taken on the night. Please contact Phil with any enquires regarding the Singles Competition.

Team Number of entries

Barmy Army 2
Breakaways 2
Colliton Imps 2
Colliton Wide Boys 2
Essentials 2
Half Pints 2
Jolly Green Giants 2
Puddletown Wanderers 2
Royal Oak Wanderers 2
Skimmers 2
The Hammers 2
Brewers Bees 2
Heathens 2
Hotshots 2
Mrs Brown’s Boys 2
Swankers 2
Tom Browns Bullocks 2
Colliton Flingers 2
Colliton Rebels 2
Jokers 2
Magpie Imps 2
Misfits 2
Rollers 1
Untouchables 2
Villains 2
Wareham Legionaires 2
Strugglers 2
Unpredictable Strimmers 2
Breezers 2
Crackerjacs 2
Devils 2
Mix Ups 2
Oakettes 2
Wonder Women 2