AGM – Rule changes

Here are the rule changes that were passed at the AGM

1. The fine for non attendance at the AGM is to be reinstated for the 22-23 season.

2. Where a sticker up is under 18 the captain shall ensure that the Licensing Act 2003 is complied with. (This takes away the 14 or over age limit for stickers up) .

3. Under no circumstances shall any ball with a diameter of more than 6 inches be used in any game.

4. Where teams finish level on points in either the Runners Up or Relegation positions then their finishing order will be determined by the following criteria to break the tie. Firstly their head to head record, secondly pin difference in those matches, thirdly the aggregate of the top & bottom players scores in those matches

5. Where a competition is played to a conclusion in one evening the Committee may, depending on the number of entries, elect to run the competition using an alternative format whereby all players will play a minimum of three hands, in the order drawn, before an initial cut is made with those players with the lowest total scores being eliminated. The remaining players, who will carry their scores forward, will play additional hand(s) before further cuts are made until a winner is found. Should the competition be staged on more than one alley then the alley winners shall play off to determine the champion. Any player who is not available to take their turn will be awarded 4 pins for that hand.

Emergency ruling for 21-22 season

The Committee are doing all they can to make sure that all teams will get the chance to fulfil their fixtures and to this extent we will be suspending the no cancellation rule and the 2 point deduction for cancelling matches for the 2021 / 2022 season only. This gives teams who may feel uncomfortable about playing matches at the beginning of September or those who have players testing positive for covid, or are pinged by the app, the chance to rearrange games. Games cancelled in the first half of the season must be played by 31 December 2021. Any cancelled matches in the second half must be played within 14 days of the final week of fixtures. Should cancelled games not be played within the stipulated period for whatever reason then the points will be forfeited by the team who cancelled.