Colliton Supertramps

Part 3 of 10 – Teams that have not re-joined the league for the forthcoming season

The name Supertramps first appeared in the league in 1977 but the team came from Led Zeplin who had played in the D&DSL from 1969 to 1976 winning Section D in 1975. Like Zed Zeplin Supertramps played at the Greyhound, Sydling on a Thursday evening and entered the league in 77-78 playing in Section E, and finished runners-up to Woodchoppers. The Tramps then had nine seasons in Section D before getting relegated in 86-87, their best finish in Section D was 4th in 81-82. The 87-88 campaign saw the team move to the Fox & Hounds, Cattistock where they played for four seasons in Section E. The team moved back to the Greyhound, Sydling for the 91-92 season and Tramps found themselves in Division 6 (Section F) after the league was restructured from 16 teams to 14 in each section. It was a move back to the Fox & Hounds, Cattistock for Supertramps for the 94-95 season as the alley at the Greyhound closed. The mid 90’s saw another league restructure as Section G was ended and although the Tramps had only finished in 8th in Section F in 95-96 the following season they were playing in Section E. Supertramps moved to the Chalk & Cheese at Maiden Newton for the 97-98 season and finished 8th in Section E. The Tramps achieved back to back promotions over the next couple of seasons after two third place finishes so were a Section C side by the turn of the 20th century. The team avoided relegation in 02-03 even though they finished bottom of the Section C and promotion was won in 05-06 when they finished runners-up to Yokels. For the first time Supertramps would be playing in the second tier of the D&DSL, and they achieved 5th place finish in their debut season. The 08-09 season saw the Chalk and Cheese close and the Tramps moved into Dorchester and into their new home alley at the Conservative Club on a Wednesday evening. Supertramps were on the move again for 11-12 season as the Conservative Club closed, so the team made the short trip down South Walks Road to Fordington to play at the Bulls Head. In the 13-14 season Super was dropped from the name and the team were known as Tramps. The team stayed at the Bulls Head until again closure meant a move of alley, and it was alley one at the Colliton Club where Tramps found their next home, still on a Wednesday evening. After 12 seasons in Section B Tramps were relegated in 17-18 with that 5th place in their debut season being their highest place finish. For the 18-19 season Super was put back in the name as they became Colliton Supertramps and they moved to a Thursday evening.