Part 4 of 10 – Teams that have not re-joined the league for the forthcoming season

By the mid 90’s the D&DSL was at its peak of teams with seven men’s sections and three ladies. In 1994 Adrian ‘Sid’ Coward formed the Junction skittle team to play at the Junction Hotel on a Friday evening. The team won Section G in 94-95, their debut season. Jokers was added to their name for the following season and the team finished 5th in Section F and were promoted as the sections were restructured. Jokers had a third straight promotion in 96-97 as they finished runners-up in Section E. With the closure of the Junction alley Jokers moved to the Victoria Hotel to play on Thursday evenings, and changed their name to Vic Jokers for the 97-98 season which ended in yet another promotion as the team finished on top of Section D. In the 02-03 season Vic Jokers finished in fourth place in Section C but with teams dropping out from the higher sections they were promoted to Section B. After six seasons in Section B the Jokers were heading to Section A after finishing runners-up to Hammers in 08-09. Vic Jokers first season (09-10) in Section A saw them stay up finishing third from bottom, but by the start of the following season they had moved alley. The team moved to the Goldies to play on a Friday evening and changed their name to Goldies Jokers. In the 10-11 season Jokers finished 11th out of 15 to achieve their highest Section A finish and were also runners-up in the Plate losing to The Imps in the final. Goldies Jokers survived relegation in 11-12 finishing third from bottom but in 12-13 their stay in the top section came to an end as they finished rock bottom. The team moved alleys for the 13-14 season as alley one at the Trinity Club became their new home on a Thursday evening and they dropped Goldies from their name, but the team faced back to back relegation as they won just three games and finished bottom. Jokers were back at the Victoria Hotel on a Thursday evening for the 14-15 season but after finishing third from bottom of Section C the team had the misfortune of getting relegated. Jokers spent just one season back in Section D winning the section comfortably by 9 points in 15-16. Since then the Jokers had stayed in Section C challenging for promotion, and for the fateful 19-20 season that was null and voided they had changed their night of play to Friday.