Bull & Heifers

Part 5 of 10 – Teams that have not re-joined the league for the forthcoming season

The Coach & Heffers joined the league in 2016 but did not appear in the fixture book as they were a late entry taking the place on one of two byes that were in Section D. The team played at the Coach and Horses, Winterborne Abbas on a Thursday evening. Their debut season saw just one win and one draw as they finished bottom of Section D. With the Coach and Horses closing the team moved into Dorchester and played on alley one at the Trinity Club on a Thursday evening for 17-18 season, but it was another bottom place finish for the Heffers and they finished on -4 points due to cancelled matches and no wins. A third season and a third different alley as the team moved to the Bulls Head on a Thursday evening for the 18-19 season and changed their name to the Bull & Heifers. The Heifers managed three wins and moved off of the bottom of Section D to finish 12th out of 13. For the first time the Heifers started a season at the same alley when the 19-20 season kicked off , and although they were again at the foot of the table when the season was null and voided they had found a home alley to settle in. Unfortunately with the Bull Heads not reopened the team have withdrawn for the forthcoming season.