Part 6 of 10 – Teams that have not re-joined the league for the forthcoming season

Eldridge Pope Brewery closed in 2003 after over a 100 years of being at the centre of the town’s economy and one of the Dorchester’s most well know buildings. With many locals working at the brewery throughout its history it’s no wonder that since the D&DSL started in the early 50’s there had been a side in the league with a connection to the Brewery.

The league’s early history is a little sketchy but in 1953 there was a team in Section 2 called The Brewery who played their home matches at the T.A. Club. In 54-55 The Brewery were still in Section B but played at the Swan on a Thursday evening. By the 56-57 the team were known as Dorchester Brewery and were playing at the Victoria Hotel on a Friday evening in Section A. The team stayed in top league until relegation in the 60-61 season. Dorchester Brewery remained in Section B until relegation in 71-72, by this time they were playing at the Goldies on a Friday evening after changing alleys in 1965. The team suffered back to back relegations going straight down from Section C in 72-73. The 73-74 season saw another change of alley as the team moved to the Conservative Club on a Thursday evening. In 1976 the team changed its name to Huntsmen and then the following year to Huntsmen Brewery. In 1978 they were still playing at the Conservative Club but changed their playing night to a Friday, a season that ended up in relegation to Section E. The team moved back to the Victoria Hotel in 1985 on a Friday evening and their stay in Section E lasted until 1994 when after 15 seasons and many a low finish they were relegated to Section F. Huntsmen spent just two seasons in Section F because even though they had finished bottom of the section in 95-96 the alteration of the league meant they would be starting the 96-97 season back in Section E. For the 99-00 season Brewery was dropped from the name so the team would just be known as Huntsmen.  In 2003 Section E came to an end so Huntsmen found themselves in Section D for the start of the 03-04 season and had been a permanent fixture in Section D ever since. In 2012 with uncertainty over the future of the Victoria Hotel the Huntsmen moved to Tom Browns on Friday evenings.