Part 9 of 10 – Teams that have not re-joined the league for the forthcoming season

Devils have been one of the most successful teams in ladies skittles and can be linked back to the formation of the ladies league.

The ladies league first appeared in the fixture books in the 76-77 season and Goldies Bunnies was one of the fifteen teams. In 79-80 the team moved to the Trinity Club and became Three ‘n’ One changing their name to Trinity Oxo’s in 1985. Mel Gosney joined the team in 1989 taking over as the sides secretary for the 93-94 season changing the team name to Red Devils. The previous season had seen the Oxo’s win the Ladies Knockout Cup. Red Devils stayed at the Trinity Club playing on alley two and in their first season under their new name won Ladies Section A. The 94-95 season saw Devils move onto alley one at the Trinity but still on a Monday. The team won the Ladies Knockout Cup in 97-98, the season that they moved onto alley three on a Tuesday. At the turn of the century Devils moved to the Colliton Club and became Colliton Devils, playing on alley two on a Tuesday evening. The Devils were runners-up in the Ladies Plate in 2002 before winning Ladies Section A in 2005 and finishing runners up in the Cup, a season that saw them switch home nights to a Monday. In 2006 the team finished as runners up to Oakettes in Ladies. Section A was won again in 09-10, a season which was their last at the Colliton Club. In 2010 the team was on the move with the Bulls Head becoming their new home on a Monday evening and just became known as Devils. It was a successful season with the team winning the Ladies Plate and finishing runners up in the league. It was at the Bulls Head when the team became a formidable force winning the double of league and cup for three seasons on the trot, seasons 11-12, 12-13,13-14. With the Bulls Head closing it was yet another move for the team with Dorchester Town Football Club their new home, but this did not stop the run of success and the Ladies League was won for three more seasons making it six league titles in six seasons, with the cup being won in 2016 and the Plate in 2017. The Devils last trophy win was the Ladies Cup in 18-19 although the team were on the verge of winning another league title before the 19-20 season was null and voided.