Magpies take second spot in Section C

Colliton Magpie Imps are heading to Section B after pipping Top Pins for the runners up spot in Section C. Top Pins went into their away match on alley one at the Colliton Club one point above the Magpies and made a cracking start to the match when they replied to Magpies 64 hand with 77 which included a stick up of 17 from Neil Hayter. With two hands to go the Top Pins were leading by 11-pins but went into the last hand just 4-pins up. The home team had Jack Beale and Ryan Welch to thank as both hit stick ups of 14 but still only 63 was hit to leave the visitors 60 to win. The game looked over when Tristan Hayter hit a 16 stick up to leave the remaining six players 40 to win but it was the Magpies who got the victory as Top Pins finished the match with a hand of 55.

Colliton Magpie Imps are one of the newer teams in the league having been formed on the eve of the 17-18 season after 3CA who were in Section C unfortunately withdrawing from the league. Rather than have a bye in Section C Imps B were quickly put together and won their first ever match on their DTFC alley against Plodders by 21-pins.Imps B finished fifth in their debut season and for the 18-19 season changed their name to Magpie Imps and again finished fifth. The ill-fated 19-20 season was their last at the football club and when skittles resumed for the 21-22 season the team moved to the Colliton Club to play on alley one, changing names again to Colliton Magpie Imps.