Plodders take the Section D title

Plodders clinched the Section D title on Friday night with a 20-pins victory over Dribs ‘n’ Drabs on alley three at the Trinity Club. The Plodders set up the chance of winning Section D after beating title rivals Swan Abbots a week ago and with the Abbotsbury outfit having played all their matches it left Plodders needing to avoid defeat to take the title. With two hands to go there was just 5-pins in it in favour of Plodders and two solid hands of 60 and 57 saw the title clinched with a 20-pins victory.

Plodders Secretary Dave Langdon is the longest running secretary in the league having taking over Section E team Royal British Legion ‘A’ in 1980. In the mid 80’s the British Legion club had moved from High East Street to Kings Road. For the 87-88 the team name was changed to RBLA. In the 89-90 season RBLA were relegated from Section E and the following season started life as Plodders in Section F. The leagues were restructured for the 91-92 season with Plodders in Section G. Plodders were back in Section F for the 96-97 season after Section G was disbanded but had to change alleys when the Legion closed so moved to alley three at the Trinity Club. The team finished 7th in Section F but the following season found themselves in Section E and finished 3rd in 97-98. in the 99-00 season Plodders finished 4th in Section E and were in Section D for the 00-01 season finishing 4th. For the 03-04 season the sections were put back to 16 teams and Plodders were in Section C and finished top to reach Section B. Plodders finished runners up in Section B in the 07-08 season and spent two seasons in Section A, finishing 13th before finishing bottom in the 09-10 season. For the 10-11 season Plodders moved from alley three to alley two at the Trinity Club but suffered a second relegation on the trot. In season 18-19 the team were relegated from Section C.