Fourth Section B title for Woodmen

Woodmen are going up as champions of Section B after their close 4-pins play-off victory over Hammers. Both sides have gone up and down between Section A and B more times than any other sides, Hammers having won Section B on six occasions, while it was Woodmen’s fourth Section B title.

The Woodmen team can be dated back to the 78-79 season when they played in Section E on a Tuesday night at the Royal Oak, Milborne St.Andrew under the name Milborne Woodmen. Section E was won by the Woodmen in the 80-81 season, and then Section D was won in 84-85. For the 88-89 season their evening was switched from Tuesday to Wednesday. After six seasons in Section C the team spilt up and the name Woodmen was not seen again until the 96-97 season after Dave Way took over the Royal Oak team that had been previously the Milborne Terrors. Milborne Woodmen were now a team again playing on Thursdays and took their place in Section C where Royal Oak had played the previous season. Woodmen were promoted in 98-99 the season they changed nights to Fridays even though they had finished fourth in Section C.  After two seasons in the B section the Woodmen were unlucky to be relegated after finishing fourth from bottom. in 2003 Milborne Woodmen won Section C after beating Colliton Flingers in a play-off, and then won Section B the following season beating Goldies Chimps in a play-off. The Woodmen spent five seasons in the top section before relegation in 08-09 whilst playing home matches at the Bladen SC, Briantspuddle. The following season they were back at the Royal Oak with Tony Brown taking over as captain and they  bounced back at the first time of asking winning Section B in 2010, the team was now known as Woodmen with Milborne being dropped from their name. The 10-11 season saw both Woodman and Royal Oak rivals Monsters  relegated from Section A only for both to come back up after Woodmen finished as runners up to Monsters in Section B in 11-12. The 12-13 season saw Woodmen in 7th place, their best top flight finish. Woodmen were back in Section B for the 15-16 season and finished third and then won Section B in 16-17 but after just two seasons in Section A were back in Section B again. Woodmen’s play-off victory over Hammers means they have now won Section B on four occasions.  

Hammers can be dated back to the 1964-65 season when they played at the Great Western on a Tuesday night in Section D. The following season the team moved to Goldies but still kept playing on the Tuesday. For the 72-73 season Hammers moved to the Trinity Club to play on a Thursday. Hammers were promoted in 73-74 to Section C after finishing runners up in Section D. Section C was won by Hammers in the 77-78 season as the team headed to Section B for the 78-79 season. The team moved to a Friday night at the Trinity Club for the 80-81 season as the club done away with the old alley in the bar area and built two new ones in the function room. Hammers reached Section A after winning Section B in the 84-85 season. They stayed in the top section for three season before being relegated back to Section B but bounced back in just two seasons winning Section B in 1990. it was another three seasons before Hammers were heading back to Section B. They escaped relegation to Section C in 95-96 after finishing bottom of section B but luck was against them in the 97-98 season when finishing fourth from bottom of Section B they were relegated when the sections were cut from sixteen to fourteen.  Hammers had just one season in Section C as they were promoted back to the B section after finishing third. Hammers finished bottom of Section B in 2001 and then bottom of Section C in 2002. In the 02-03 season Hammers finished as runners up in Section D and in 04-05 were runners up in Section C. Hammers were heading to Section A in 2007 after winning Section B, followed by relegation back to B only to win Section B again in 2009 and then relegation back to B after yet again only staying in the top flight for one season.  Section B was won again in season 14-15, but as their last two visits to Section A it only lasted one season. It was a record sixth Section B title for the Hammers in 2018 and they managed to stay up in the 18-19 season. Once the skittles league resumed after Covid Hammers were unlucky to find themselves back in Section B but have gone up at the first time of asking.