Rule changes passed at the AGM

Rule 11
Delete: the temporary rule for the 2021/22 season
Reinstate: the previous Rule 11 amend to read as follows: –
All matches shall be played in the week specified and on the declared night of play for the home team, as detailed in the fixture list, unless brought forward or rearranged within the specified week by mutual consent. Any team who is unable to fulfil a fixture on the specified date shall notify their opponents, and the Secretary, at least 24 hours before the due date and shall automatically forfeit the match, their opponents being awarded the points. (See Rules 7 and 13). However, should the cancellation result from what the Committee deem to be an exceptional circumstance then the Secretary, whose decision shall be final and conclusive, can order the game to be played within 14
days of the original date provided that the new date does not extend beyond the completion of the final week of fixtures. If the teams are unable to agree a date within 48 hours of the original date then the Secretary will set the date for the fixture. For the avoidance of doubt the inability to raise a team other than the death of a registered player or a member of their immediate family, a national emergency or an extreme weather event, will not be deemed exceptional. As a matter of courtesy, the home team shall immediately notify the landlord/club steward of that the match will not be played. No team, irrespective of the year of their joining the league, shall be permitted to have a home night on a Saturday or Sunday.
Delete: by noon on the Monday
Insert: by 6pm on the Sunday
Amend: the wording of the following sentence to read: Cards can be submitted electronically, both sides if a player or players have been
signed on, via e mail, text, WhatsApp or messenger. Teams must keep any electronically submitted cards until the end of the season in case there is any dispute.
RULE 14 para 9
Add: before the sentence “All playoff matches” the sentence: –
If both head-to-head fixtures have not been played then the team who cancelled shall, as appropriate, either forfeit promotion or be
Rules for the Singles, Pairs, Secretaries Shield & Sticker up Cup
Rule 10 Amend to read:-

Where a competition is played to a conclusion in one evening the Committee may, depending on the number of entries, elect to run the competition using an alternative format whereby a draw will be made at the beginning of the evening to determine the order of play. Where more than one alley is used the first drawn is on alley one, second to alley two, third to alley three, fourth to alley one and so on until all players who have registered have been allocated to an alley. Players will throw a hand of three balls, in the order drawn down the board, as in a league game, each player throwing a minimum of FIVE hands. Depending on the time available a cut may be made once all players have thrown 5 hands although, further hands may be thrown before a cut is made with those players with the lowest scores dropping out to leave 8 or 16 + ties, depending on the initial number of players. The threshold for elimination will be based on the scores hit and may differ on each alley.
For those players who make the cut their scores will be reset to zero. A further THREE hands will be thrown before the two players + ties with the lowest score(s) are eliminated a process which will then be repeated after every second hand until a winner is found.
Where the competition is played on more than one alley then the alley winners shall play off over 5 hands to determine the champion.
Players will draw lots to establish the order of play their scores being reset to zero for the final.
Any player not available to take their throw will be awarded 4 pins for that hand.