Composition of the league

This is the composition of the league for forthcoming season which will start the week commencing 5th September 2022.

Section A: Barmy Army, Breakaways, Colliton Imps, Colliton Wide Boys, Dewlish Monsters, Hammers, Jolly Green Giants, Patriots, Puddletown Wanderers, Royal Oak Wanderers, Skimmers and Woodmen.

Section B: Brewers Bees, Colliton Magpie Imps, Essentials, Half Pints, Hartstoppers, Heathens, Hotshots, Steamers, Swankers, Trinity Allsorts, Vic Reeves and Wareham Legionaires.

Section C: Colliton Flingers, Colliton Spares, Country Boys, Goldies Gorillaz, Misfits, Muckspreaders, Plodders, Swan Abbots, Untouchables, Vic’s Brown Bullocks, Villains and Yokels On Tour@Colliton.

Section D: Alcotops, Colliton Rebels, Funseekers, Jokers, Merrymen, New Inn Chuckers, Puddletown Nomads, Rollers, Ship Wrecked, Strugglers and Unpredictable Strimmers. (Section D will have one bye in it).

Ladies League: Crackerjacs, Hot Cheese Stampers, Oakettes, The Easy Beats, Trinity Mix Ups, Vixens, Wonder Women and Woodpeckers. (The teams will play each other three times in the Ladies League).