The fixtures for the new season can be found by going to the fixtures menu. The season starts the week commencing 5th Sept and these are the first weeks matches.

Section A

Patriots v Colliton Wide Boys
Dewlish Monsters v Puddletown Wanderers
Hammers v Royal Oak Wanderers
Skimmers v Woodmen
Breakaways v Colliton Imps
Barmy Army v Jolly Green Giants

Section B

Brewers Bees v Wareham Legionaires
Heathens v Vic Reeves
Hotshots v Swankers
Essentials v Trinity Allsorts
Hartstoppers v Steamers
Colliton Magpie Imps v Half Pints

Section C

Colliton Flingers v Misfits
Goldies Gorillaz v Plodders
Country Boys v Yokels On Tour@Colliton
Muckspreaders v Vic’s Brown Bullocks
Untouchables v Villains
Swan Abbots v Colliton Spares

Section D

New Inn Chuckers v Funseekers
Jokers v Rollers
Alcotops v Unpredictable Strimmers
Merrymen v Puddletown Nomads
Bye v Strugglers
Colliton Rebels v Ship Wrecked


Crackerjacs v Vixens
Woodpeckers v Oakettes
Hot Cheese Stampers v Trinity Mix Ups
Wonder Women v The Easy Beats