52-53 to 56-57

Alleys & teams in the fixture books from 1952-53 until 56-57

The Dorchester & District Skittles League is believed to have started around 1950 although before that teams in the area played in The Groves League which was based from Weymouth. We do not have any fixture books or records from the first few years but we do have a Section A fixture book from the 1952-53 season, which we think is the oldest bit of history from our league. From the 53-54 season both Section A and B are in the same book, and from 56-57 there is a Section C. Unfortunately we do not have a fixture book from the 55-56 season so the records below do not account for that season.

Below are the alleys used by each team season by season, teams in red played in Section A, in blue were in Section B, and in Lime Green Section C.

ANTELOPE HOTEL 1952-53 (Antelope Hotel, R.A.F.A ) 53-54 (Railway Motive ‘D’, Antelope Hotel) 54-55 (Antelope Hotel, R.A.F.A.)
NEW COMPASSES 1952-53 (Compasses ‘B’) 53-54 (New Compasses, The Sparks) 54-55 (New Compasses, The Sparks, Post Office) 56-57 (New Compasses ‘A’, New Compasses ‘B’)  
PHOENIX HOTEL 1952-53 (Phoenix Hotel) 53-54 (Phoenix Hotel, Conservative Club) 54-55 (Phoenix Hotel) 56-57 (Phoenix Hotel, Post OfficeTilleys Social Club)
COLLITON CLUB 1952-53 (Colliton Club) 53-54 (Colliton Club, Ricardos) 54-55 (Colliton Club) 56-57 (Colliton Club, Colliton ‘B’)
CORNWALL HOTEL 1952-53 (Cornwall Hotel) 53-54 (Cornwall Hotel, Monkton Social Club) 54-55 (Cornwall Hotel ‘A’, Cornwall Hotel ‘B’, Ricardo S.C.) 56-57 (Ricardo Social ‘A’Cornwall HotelRicardo S.C. ‘B’
BULLS HEAD 1952-53 (Bulls Head) 53-54 (Bulls Head) 54-55 (Bulls Head ‘A’, Bulls Head ‘B’, Bulls Head Slashers SB) 56-57 (Bulls Head ‘A’Bulls Head Slashers, Bulls Head ‘B’Bulls Head ‘C’Eggdon Social)       
BREWERS ARMS, MARTINSTOWN 1952-53 (Brewers Arms) 53-54 (Brewers Arms) 54-55 (Brewers Arms) 56-57 (Brewers ArmsMartinstown Colts)
PRINCE OF WALES, PUDDLETOWN 1952-53 (Prince of Wales) 54-55 (Prince of Wales) 56-57 (Prince of Wales ‘A’Prince of Wales ‘B’   Prince of Wales ‘C’)
WHITE HART HOTEL 1953-54 (Railway Sports Club, White Hart SB) 54-55 (Railway Sports Club SA, White Hart)
THREE COMPASSES, CHARMINSTER 1953-54 (Three Compasses, Hospital Social Club) 54-55 (Three Compasses, Herrison Hospital S.C) 56-57 (Three CompassesHerrison Hospital)  
PLUME OF FEATHERS 1953-54 (Plume of Feathers, Post Office S.C.) 54-55 (Plume of Feathers, Conservative Club, Dorchester Hospital S.C.) 56-57 (Plume of Feathers)
RED LION, CERNE ABBAS 1953-54 (Red Lion ‘A’ , The Greyhound, Red Lion ‘B’) 54-55 (Red Lion ‘A’  , Greyhound, Red Lion ‘B’) 56-57 (Red Lion ‘A’Red Lion ‘B’)   
KINGS ARMS, PUDDLETOWN 1953-54 (Puddletown Stragglers, Puddletown Ttc’s) 54-55 (Puddletown Wanderers, Puddletown Nomads) 56-57 (Puddletown Wanderers, Puddletown Nomads)  
WHITE HORSE, MAIDEN NEWTON 1953-54 (Webb & Ford) 54-55 (Webb & Ford) 56-57  (Webb & FordUnited Dairies)
T.A.CLUB (BARRACKS/DRILL HALL) 1953-54 (The Brewery, T.A.Club) 54-55 (T.A.Club) 56-57 (T.A. Club)
SWAN INN 1954-55 (Great Western, Swan Inn, The Brewery) 56-57 (Swan Inn ‘A’, Swan ‘B’)
VICTORIA HOTEL 1956-57 (Dorchester BreweryBritish LegionVictoria ‘A’Victoria ‘B’)  
GREAT WESTERN 1956-57 (Railway Sports, Conservative Club, Greyhound, Dorchester Hospital, R.A.F.A.,Great Western ‘A’,  Great Western ‘B’)  
ROYAL OAK, MILBORNE ST. ANDREW 1956-57 (Milborne Monsters)