Gladiators Section A Champions 94-95

Dewlish Monsters Section A champions 1989-90

Puddletown Wanderers Section A runners up 1989-90

Stratton Stragglers Knockout Cup Winners 1989-90

Hammers Section B winners 1989-90

Unpredictables Section C winners 1989-90 & runners up Heathens

King Pins Section D winners 1989-90

Mixed 1989-90 (team names unknown)

1989-90 team unknown

Team and year unknown

Skimmers Section Champions 1990-91

Puddletown Imps Section D winners in both 1991 and 1992

Warriors Men’s Knockout Cup winners 1990-91

Vixens Ladies Section A champions 1990-91

Liverbirds Ladies Knockout Cup winners 1990-91

Monster Fillies Mixed Cup winners 1990-91

Snow Queens Ladies Section C runners up 1994-95

Goldies Gibbons Section F winners in both 1991 & 1992

White Hart Stags Section G winners 95-96 John Ricketts Mark Higgins ???? Sean Davis Adrian Thomas (not a team member) Paul Nicholas Pete Holmes Jed Costello Fred House John Trotter