Trinity Allsorts

Trinity Allsorts who play in Section B are looking for new players for the forthcoming season. They play their home matches on alley three at the Trinity Club on Friday’s. Contact the Fixture Secretary, Terry Gosney for more details.

Opening weeks fixtures

The Open League will start week commencing 26th August. Below is the first set of fixtures for the Open League. The Ladies League will start week commencing 16th September.

SECTION A - Week commencing 26 Aug 24
Pudd Wanderers v Barmy Army Fri Bladen SC, Briantspuddle
Half Pints v Essentials Thu Colliton Club alley 1
Wide Boys v Breakaways Thu Colliton Club alley 2
Colliton Imps v Green Giants Fri Colliton Club alley 2
Patriots v Skimmers Thu Goldies
Goldies Wurzels v Magpie Imps Fri Goldies
Hammers v Woodmen Fri Trinity Club alley 1
Heathens v Legionaires Fri Trinity Club alley 3

SECTION B - Week commencing 26 Aug 24
Monsters v Swankers Fri Royal Oak, Milborne St Andrew
Alcotops v Bye
Vic Reeves v Bullocks Fri Victoria Hotel
Country Boys v Steamers Fri New Inn, West Knighton
Jokers v Hartstoppers Thu Victoria Hotel
Swan Abbots v Brewers Bees Thu Swan Inn, Abbotsbury
Muckspreaders v Yokels On Tour Thu Tom Browns
Plodders v Allsorts Thu Trinity Club alley 2

SECTION C - Week commencing 26 Aug 24
Funseekers v Ladettes Wed Colliton Club alley 1
Flingers v Pudd Nomads Fri Colliton Club alley 1
Bye v Strugglers
Chuckers v Ship Apes Thu New Inn, West Knighton
Misfits v Wingers Fri Wool British Legion
Bye v Colliton Spares
Ship Wrecked v Untouchables Thu The Old Ship Inn, Upwey
The Wafflers v Easy Beats Wed Victoria Hotel

Collection of packs for the forthcoming season

Please note that the information packs for the forthcoming season will be available for collection from the Colliton Club on Friday 9th August. The packs will contain the fixture list, contact details, scorecards, cup draw, invoice and signing on sheet.

Martin Osborne will be at the Colliton Club from 12.30pm until 1.30pm and then again in the evening from 7.30pm until 9pm. Please would all captains do their best to collect the packs on this date, anyone with any questions about collecting their items should contact Terry Gosney nearer the collection date. Brian Newton will not be available to be to contacted on this occasion.

Section C, two out one in

Unfortunately since the AGM two’s teams have withdrawn their entry to the league. Merrymen and Fifty Shades of Age will not be entering this season. The committee has excepted a late entry from Ship Apes, who will play their matches at the Old Ship Inn at Upwey on a Wednesday.

Section D – end of an era

At the AGM on Friday it was confirmed that Section D would be disbanded for the forthcoming season. With four small sections in the Open League since the league restarted after Covid, the committee felt that we needed to give skittlers a decent amount of games and also insuring that venues with alleys within our league get us much custom from our matches as possible, in the hope that we can keep as many alleys as we can still in use in the future. A year ago we had the plan of moving the Ladies League into Section D, this would have been based around four sections of 14 teams. But neither Section D teams or the ladies teams were overly keen on this idea, and some teams indicated that they would not enter if this went ahead, so the committee withdrew this option as we did not want to lose any teams.

So with the 46 teams we have at present in the Open League, the ideal solution of four sections of 14 teams is unworkable, so we had the choice to leave it as it was last season with only 20 games for teams or to  go back to 16 in three sections and give you a full season of skittles, the last time we based the sections around 16 teams was only back in the 2016-17 season, so it’s really nothing new. Although some of the concerns raised at the  AGM have been noted and will be looked at over the season.  

1963 was the first year of Section D, with Stragglers from the Plume of Feathers the first winners. Over the years most of today’s teams would have started in Section D or would have passed through it on their way up from Section E.

If this is the end of Section D then Strugglers from the Goldies will be the last winners.

Here is a pick of some of the past winners that still remain in our league in some shape or form

1974 – Untouchables

1979 – Muckspreaders

1980 – Skimmers

1982 – New Inn Yokels

1985 – Milborne Woodmen

1986 – Bladen Breakaways

1987 – Puddletown Wanderers

1991 and 1992 – Puddletown Imps

1993 – Wide Boys

1994 – Hartstoppers

1997 – Patriots

1998 and 2016 – Jokers

2001 and 2013- Misfits

2002 – Merrymen

2003 and 2024 – Strugglers

2005 and 2010 – Swan Abbots

2006 – Allsorts

2007 – Half Pints

2011 – Greyhound Essentials

2012 – Top Pins

2019 – Wareham Legionaires

2022 – Plodders

2023 – Alcotops

AGM, a brief round up

The AGM was held at the Colliton Club on Friday evening, here is a brief round up of the main rule changes and other topics.

League fees and the cost of entering the competitions remain the same as last season (please support the singles, pairs, etc in the forthcoming season)

Adam Barnes has joined the committee with Harry Ackerman stepping down.

As of the 24-25 season no team shell be able to have a home night on a Monday in the Open League.

There will no longer be play-offs to decide section winners, teams finishing level on points will be decided by their head to head record against each other during the season.

The rules for the new format that has been used for the Singles has been updated and can be found by clicking the Rules section at the top of the website.

Section D has been disbanded, while the Ladies League will continue with five teams for the forthcoming season. But unfortunately it has been confirmed that this may well be the final season for the Ladies League unless we get at least eight ladies teams entering for the 25-26 season.

The Open league will consist of three sections with 16 teams in Section A and 15 in Sections B & C, while the Ladies League has 5 teams who will play each other four times.

Hotshots and Wonder Woman have withdrawn from the league, while we have three new teams that will all be in Section C, Fifty Shades of Age, The Wafflers and Wingers.

The 24-25 season will start the week commencing Monday 26th August for the Open League and Monday 16th September for the Ladies League.

Funseekers – sticker up

Funseekers require a sticker-up for the 24-25 season. They play home matches on a Wednesday at the Colliton Club. For more details please contact the league’s fixture secretary Terry Gosney.

Chris Whitefield Wedding Photography

All of the photos from this years Presentation Evening can be found by clicking on the Photo’s & Press Cuttings in the menu at the top of this web-site and then navigating down to Presentation Evening 2024. All photo’s were kindly supplied by Chris Whitefield Wedding Photography.

Presentation Evening 2024

A big thank you to Dorchester Mayor Alistair Chisholm who presented the trophies at the league’s presentation evening. Alister was presented with a bouquet of flowers by our Vice Chair-person Sally Childs-Slade for his partner who unfortunately could not be present.

All photos were taken by Chris Whitefield Wedding Photography, as always a big thank you to Chris.

Thank you to the Trinity Club and all of it’s staff for their hospitality, the security team on the door and Sound Star for the entertainment.

Thank you to our committee for all their hard work throughout the season and on making sure Friday ran smoothly.

Lastly thank you to all of you skittlers who supported the evening. Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you all back on the alley for the 24-25 season.