Funseekers – sticker up

Funseekers require a sticker-up for the 24-25 season. They play home matches on a Wednesday at the Colliton Club. For more details please contact the league’s fixture secretary Terry Gosney.

Chris Whitefield Wedding Photography

All of the photos from this years Presentation Evening can be found by clicking on the Photo’s & Press Cuttings in the menu at the top of this web-site and then navigating down to Presentation Evening 2024. All photo’s were kindly supplied by Chris Whitefield Wedding Photography.

Entry forms

Entry forms for season 24-25 need to be returned to Brian Newton by FRIDAY 7th JUNE 2024

Any new teams that want to join the league please contact Brian Newton ASAP.

Late entries will be subject to an administration fee of £5.

Presentation Evening 2024

A big thank you to Dorchester Mayor Alistair Chisholm who presented the trophies at the league’s presentation evening. Alister was presented with a bouquet of flowers by our Vice Chair-person Sally Childs-Slade for his partner who unfortunately could not be present.

All photos were taken by Chris Whitefield Wedding Photography, as always a big thank you to Chris.

Thank you to the Trinity Club and all of it’s staff for their hospitality, the security team on the door and Sound Star for the entertainment.

Thank you to our committee for all their hard work throughout the season and on making sure Friday ran smoothly.

Lastly thank you to all of you skittlers who supported the evening. Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you all back on the alley for the 24-25 season.

Monsters take the Plate

Dewlish Monsters beat Swan Abbots by 20-pins at the Spitfire Club, Crossways to win the Plate for the first time.

Although it was the sides first Plate success they have won the Knockout Cup on four occasions, 1968, 1975, 1979 and 2014.

One of the league’s oldest sides, the Monsters can date back to 1956 when they were known as the Milborne Monsters playing in Section B at the Royal Oak, Milborne. At the start of the 57-68 season they were in Section A and the Monsters had the proud record of playing each season in the top league until relegation in 2011. With no records of Section A winners until 1980, the five titles since came in 1984, 1990 and then a hat-trick, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Monsters also finished as runners up in 1980, 1981 and 2004.

When the side were relegated in 2011 they bounced back at the first attempt winning Section B in 2012, the side stayed in Section A until relegation in 2023. 

Milborne Monsters moved from the Oak in 1959 and played at the Great Western, changing their name to Dewlish Monsters in 1960. By the 63-64 season Monsters had moved back to the Royal Oak which was their home until moving to the Drax Arms, Bere Regis for one season in 2009. Monsters moved back to the Royal Oak, Milborne for the 10-11 season and stayed until another move to Bere Regis at the Royal Oak in 2015, where they stayed for three seasons before moving back to the Royal Oak, Milborne.

Cup success for Patriots

After many league successes over the years, Patriots finally got their hands on the knockout cup beating Puddletown Wanderers in the final at the Victoria Hotel by 22-pins.

Patriots last knockout cup final came in 2013 which ended in defeat to Greyhound Wanderers. Although they had yet to win the cup the Patriots did win the Plate twice, 2008 and 2015.

Patriots were formed in 1992 playing at the Three Compasses, Charminster on a Thursday. They topped Section G in their debut season and followed that by winning Section F in 93-94. It was a move across the village for the 94-95 season as they set up home at the New Inn, Charminster. Patriots finished fourth in their two seasons in Section E, but when promoted to Section D for the 96-97 season they finished top, playing home matches at the White Hart on a Wednesday. The Patriots had just one season in the C section, finishing second. The 98-99 season saw the team move back to Charminster at the Inn for All Seasons, Patriots finished in the bottom half of the Section B table, but by the following season they were heading to Section A after finishing top of Section B in 2000. Patriots had a new home for 00-01 season as they moved to their current alley, Goldies, on a Thursday to start life in Section A, and in their debut season in the top section they finished as runners up. Patriots were unfortunate to lose their place in Section A finishing joint third from bottom in their second season. It was just one season back in Section B as they bounced back winning Section B for a second time. Once back in the top league the Patriots established themselves as one of the top sides, finishing runners up in 2008 and then becoming Section A champions in 2009. The glory years followed for Patriots and they won Section A for four seasons on the trot, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, while they were runners up in 2016 and 2017.    

Final results

Knockout Cup Final at the Victoria Hotel

Puddletown Wanderers 414 (L Raines 57), Patriots 436 (M Coward 61)

Plate Final at the Spitfire Club, Crossways

Swan Abbots 407 (H Churchill 54), Dewlish Monsters 427 (J Ford 60)

The Bees are buzzing

Brewers Bees beat Steamers by 13-pins in the play-off to take the top spot in Section C, which sees them return to Section B as champions after just one season in the C section, after being relegated in season 22-23, as were opponents Steamers who also go back up at the first attempt.

Brewers Bees are one of the longest running skittle teams with their origins dating back to the 50’s at the Brewers Arms, Martinstown , where the team were known as Brewers Arms ‘B’ and played in Section A on a Wednesday, a night they shared with Brewers Arms A who also were in Section A.

For the 60-61 season the team had moved to town to play at the Plume of Feathers on a Friday, and were now known as Brewers Bees. Bees stayed at the Feathers until 1972 with every season being played in Section A.

For the 72-73 season the Bees played at Chequers on a Friday and stayed there for three seasons, the last season 74-75 saw the team relegated for the first time in their history.

Brewers Bees moved to the Bulls Head for season 75-76 playing in Section B on a Thursday, before switching to a Friday for 76-77, a season that brought another relegation. Three seasons were spent in Section C before they got promoted as champions in 1980. Back in Section B the Bees had a mid table finish in 80-81 before finishing runners up, 2 points behind Skimmers to go back to Section A in 1982.

Bees spent eight season back in Section A, with their highest finish coming in 82-83, fourth place. A bottom place finish in 89-90 had the Bees back in Section B for 90-91, and although they finished as runners up, there was no promotion throughout the league as the sections were made smaller. But Bees were back just two seasons later going up as champions in 92-93, although it was only a one season stay as relegation followed in 93-94 after Bees finished level on points with two other teams , but lost the play-off.

Brewers Bees finished third in Section B in both 94-95 and 95-96 before going up as champions in 96-97, and finished as runners up in Section A in 97-98. Brewers Bees finest hour came in season 00-01 when they topped Section A to be champions.

After over twenty five years at the Bulls Head the Bees moved to the Conservative Club for the 02-03 season where they stayed until the club closed in 2011. While at the club Brewers Bees finished as runners up in Section A in 2007.

The Bees moved to the Wool Legion for the 11-12 season before returning to Town to play at the Cornwall Hotel for one season. A move to Tom Browns on a Thursday was next for the Bees where they stayed for five season.

Bees last season at Tom Browns saw them relegated, so they were back in Section B for season 18-19, playing at their new home, alley 2 at the Trinity Club on a Friday.

As well as a proud league history the Brewers Bees have won the knockout cup on seven occasions, 61,62,65,70,82,83 and 97. In more recent times they have reached two cup finals both finishing in defeat, 2009 and 2015.

Unfortunately we have no records of Section A winners before 1980 so we don’t know if those cup successes before 1980 were matched with any Section A titles.  

Essentials up as champions

Essentials beat Puddletown Wanderers by 20-pins in the play-off at the Colliton Club to win Section B, both teams are heading back to Section A, but it’s the Essentials who go up as champions. Essentials have spent the past two seasons in Section B after relegation from Section A in 2022, while Wanderers are back in A after just one season in the second tier after they were relegated in 2023.

It’s the second time that the side from the Spitfire Club have won Section B, the first time came in 2019, which was the same season they reached the Knockout Cup Final, which they lost to Royal Oak Wanderers.

Essentials first played in the D&DSL as Greyhound Essentials in 2010 and played at the Greyhound, Winterborne Kingston before moving to the Spitfire Club, Crossways in 2013. They won Section D in 2011 and were runners up in Section C in 2012, Essentials stayed in Section B for three seasons before relegation back to Section C in 2015, Essentials returned to Section B after they won Section C 2018.