Knockout Cup & Plate semi finals

Knockout Cup Semi Finals
Essentials 393 (M Bennett 54), Swankers 380 (S Huttley 54); 
Royal Oak Wanderers 418 (I Penney, P Bolton 55), Woodmen 415 (A Climo 62).

The Knockout Cup Final is on Friday 3 May at Tom Browns. Board to be marked by Luke Short / Derek Burt.

Plate Semi Finals
Half Pints 409 (M Slade 67), Dewlish Monsters 399 (S Ross 55);
Jolly Green Giants 420 (M Green 64), Vic Reeves 430 (M Wiffin 62).

The Plate Final is on Friday 3 May on alley two at the Colliton Club – Board to be marked Sheila Cummins

Sticker up Cup

The sticker up Cup was won by Josh Fowler of Huntsmen who beat Kieran Claridge of Dribs ‘n’ Drabs in the final. In the semi finals Josh beat Charlie Clarke of Unpredictable Strimmers, while Kieran beat Harry White of Colliton Supertramps. There were 23 entries in what was a very enjoyable and competitive evening with some great skittling from the youngsters.

Sticker up Cup winner Josh Fowler with runner up Kieran Claridge

Knockout Cup & Plate semi finals Friday 12 April

Knockout Cup Semi Finals
Essentials v Swankers Royal Oak, Milborne St Andrew – Board to be marked by Terry Gosney
Royal Oak Wanderers v Woodmen at the Three Compasses, Charminster – Board to be marked by Luke Short

Plate Semi Finals
Half Pints v Dewlish Monsters at Dorchester Town Football Club – Board to be marked by John Ricketts 
Jolly Green Giants v Vic Reeves at Goldies – Board to be marked by Phil Slade

Skittlers of the week – Open League w/c 1 April

Top score in the Open League was Andy Brown of Woodmen with 74 at the Bulls Head. the highest team score was 480 by Section D champions Wareham Legionaires as they clinched the title with a 85-pins victory over Ship Wrecked at the Old Ship Inn, Upwey. Legionaires also notched the highest hand of the week with 84.

Team performances of the week
Section A: DEWLISH MONSTERS – Dewlish Monsters saved themselves from relegation hitting 410 on their Royal Oak alley to beat Breakaways by 25-pins.
Section B: MRS BROWNS BOYS – Mrs Browns Boys finished the season with a fine score of 448 at Tom Browns to beat Muckspreaders by 19-pins.
Section C: VILLAINS – Villains hit 368 on alley two at the Trinity Club in their relegation match with Plodders, their 35-pins victory kept them up and sent Plodders down.
Section D: WAREHAM LEGIONAIRES – The champions signed off in style hitting the highest score in Section D of the season, their 480 gave them a 85-pins victory at the Old Ship Inn, Upwey against Ship Wrecked.

Skimmers are back to back champions of Section A

Skimmers beat second placed Royal Oak Wanderers by 46-pins at the Bulls Head to finish 3 points ahead of their opponents and win Section A for the second season running. Its Skimmers fifth Section A title, there other wins coming in 1991, 1993 and 2005. Skimmers were founded by Tony Clark in 1978 and won Section E in their very first season, won the D section in 1980 before coming runners up in Section C in 1981, and then promotion to Section A came in 1982 after winning Section B, they have been in Section A ever since making them the longest running team in the Section. Current secretary Steve Willsher is the only original member from the 1978 team still playing for the team.

Runners up Royal Oak Wanderers were originally called Marco Wanderers when they joined the league in 1997 and like Skimmers quickly went up through the sections, winning Section F in 1998, Section E in 1999, Section D in 2000, Section C in 2001 and the B section in 2002. They won three section A titles on the trot, 06,07 and 08. In 2009 they changed their name to Greyhound Wanderers and won the title again in 2011. They became Royal Oak Wanderers in 2014.

At the bottom Heathens six seasons in Section A came to an end after defeat away to Colliton Wide Boys left them on 18 points, and Monsters home win against Breakaways moved them onto 20 points. Woodmen were already relegated, after only two seasons back in the top section.

Essentials and Alcotops head for Section A

Essentials won Section B and will be heading to Section A for the first time in their history. Essentials first played in the D&DSL as Greyhound Essentials in 2010 and played at the Greyhound, Winterborne Kingston before moving to the Spitfire Club, Crossways in 2013. They won Section D in 2011 and were runner up in Section C in 2012, Essentials stayed in Section B for three seasons before relegation back to Section C in 2015, Essentials returned to Section B after they won Section C 2018.

Alcotops finished as runners up and it’s a quick return to Section A for the Alcotops after relegation from the A section last season, and it’s the third time that Alcotops have come runners up in Section B after doing so in both 2010 and 2017. Alcotops joined the league in 2000 and won Section E in 2002, and followed up with a fourth place finish in Section D which saw them promoted to Section C. Alcotops won Section C in 2007.

At the bottom Ray & Ken’s Old Spice Yokels spell of 13 seasons in Section B came to an end with defeat to Brewers Bees which means they join Top Pins in relegation to Section C.

Section C – Bullocks Champions, but three to play off for second place

Tom Browns Bullocks led the way in Section C from start to finish and were worthy champions. Bullocks originally joined the league in 2013 as Compasses United and were runners up in Section D in both 2014 and 2016, they moved to the Bulls Head for the 16-17 season and changed their name to Load of Bullocks.

Three teams will play off for the runners up position, wins for Jokers, Colliton Rebels and Hotshots meant they all finished on 29 points, with Magpie Imps missing out after a defeat away to Wool Misfits that keeps the Wool outfit up. In the relegation battle Colliton Spares beat Unpredictable Strimmers by 25-pins to send Strimmers down with Plodders who lost at home to Villains by 35-pins.

The three way play off will take place on Thursday May 9 , the venue to be confirmed.

Section D – Legionaires are Champions

Wareham Legionaires have won Section D for the first time since joining the league in 2012, already promoted they knew that if they avoided defeat away to Ship Wrecked on Thursday night they would be champions, and the Wareham outfit done it in style hitting 480 and winning by 85-pins at the Old Ship Inn, hitting hands of 67, 84, 63, 65, 78, 63 and 60, while young Sam Davis was top score with 70.

Frampton Rollers the other promoted team had won by 25-pins in their Frampton derby match away to Fumblers on Wednesday hitting 405 to go level on points with the Legionaires. Rollers were initially called Frampton Arms ‘C’ and joined the league in 1986 winning Section F . In 1988 the team changed its name to Frampton Rollers. Current secretary Adam Surrey took other the reigns IN 1991 and in 2003 Rollers won Section E, becoming the last team to win that section as the league was cut to four sections. Rollers were promoted to Section C as runners up of D in 2004 and stayed in Section C until 2011 before relegation back to Section D.