Presentation Evening 2017

Barmy Army – Section A Champions

Patriots – Section A runners up

Woodmen – Section B winners

Alcotops – Section B runners up

Mrs Browns Boys – Section C winners

Colliton Hartstoppers – Section C runners up

Rebels – Section D winners

Untouchables - Section D runners up

Untouchables – Section D runners up

Devils – Ladies League Champions

Oakettes – Ladies League runners up

Barmy Army – Knockout Cup winners

Royal Oak Wanderers – Knockout Cup runners up

Oakettes – Ladies Knockout Cup winners

Mix Ups – Ladies Knockout Cup runners up

Colliton Wide Boys – Plate winners

Top Pins – Plate runners up

Devils – Ladies Plate runners up

Crossfire Ladies – Ladies Plate runners up

Darryl Burt of Skimmers – Singles winner with Sally Childs-Slade

Terry Durrant of Hammers – Singles runner up with Sally Childs-Slade

Lee Aplin & Allan Aplin of Colliton Flingers – Pairs winners with Malcom Slade

Lloyd Mitchem & Rich Mitchem of Hammers – Pairs runners up

Louise Legg & Rachel Cannon of Crackerjacs – Ladies Pairs winners with Philip Slade.

Mel Gosney & Wendy Burt of Devils – Ladies Pairs runners up.

Callum Hounsome of Brewers Bees – Sticker-up Cup winner with Philip Slade

George Wilson of Vic Reeves – Sticker-up Cup runner up

Edd Legg of Greenstars – Men’s Secretaries Shield winner (collected by Lauren Barnes) with Sally Childs-Slade

Luke Short of Barmy Army – Men’s Secretaries Shield runner up with Sally Childs-Slade

Mel Gosney of Devils – Ladies Secretaries Shield winner with Malcolm Slade

Jane Fairless of Mix Ups – Ladies Secretaries Shield runner up

Kelly Mitchell of Oakettes – Ladies highest individual score 73.

Russ Goff of Carrot Crunchers – Men’s highest individual score 89.

The trophies were presented by Philip Slade , Malcolm Slade and Sally Childs-Slade. Phil is the league’s treasurer and Malcolm and his wife Sally are long serving members of the committee. They were invited to present the trophies by the league as a mark of respect for their father Roy Slade who sadly passed away the previous year. The brothers kindly donated a new Section C trophy in memory of Roy.

Woodpeckers – Most oxos