Presentation Evening 2016

Colliton Imps – Section A champions

Patriots – Section A runners up

Jolly Green Giants – Section B winners

Half Pints – Section B runners up

Carrot Crunchers – Section C winners

Villains – Section C runners up

Jokers – Section D winners

Compasses United – Section D runners up

Devils – Ladies League winners

Crackerjacs – Ladies League runners up

Jolly Green Giants – Knockout Cup winners

Breakaways – Knockout Cup runners up

Devils – Ladies Knockout Cup winners

Colliton Potshots – Ladies Knockout Cup runners up

Colliton Wide Boys – Plate winners

Trinity Strimmers – Plate runners up

Woodpeckers – Ladies Plate winners

Crackerjacs – Ladies Plate runners up

Brian Keegan of Barmy Army – Singles winner

Graham Rose of Jolly Green Giants – Singles runners up with Diane Legg with Diane Legg

Rob and Diane Legg presented the trophies in honour of Rob’s long service on the league’s committee from which he stepped down from at the end of the 2015-16 season.

Edd Legg of Greenstars – Men’s Secretaries Shield winner with Diane Legg

Vicki Cooper of Top Cats – Ladies Secretaries Shield winner with Rob Legg

Donna Strudwick of Galley Maids – Ladies Secretaries Shield runner up with Rob Legg

Ellis Thorpe of Essentials – Sticker up Cup winner with Rob Legg

Michael Aylott of Patriots – Sticker up Cup runner up with Rob Legg

Keith Legg and Steve Crewe of Wool Misfits – Pairs winners with Rob Legg

Sam Green and Malc Hallett of Jolly Green Giants – Pairs runners up with Diane Legg

Tracy Critchell and Mel Gosney of Devils – Ladies Pairs winners with Rob Legg

Kirsten Otter and Kerry Herring of Woodpeckers – Ladies Pairs runners up with Diane Legg

Steve Cheeseman of Colliton A – Men’s highest individual score 85 with Diane Legg

Jennie Sims of Oakettes – Ladies highest individual score 78 with Diane Legg

The Committee