Open Knockout Cup

Open Knockout Cup

First round draw

Swankers v Strugglers
BYE v Steamers
Alcotops v Colliton Imps  - Friday 4 Oct - DTFC 
Colliton Ladybirds v BYE
Devils v BRK Yokels  - Monday 30 Sept - DTFC 
Hartstoppers v Breezers
Royal Oak Country Boys v The Hammers
Bull & Heifers v Funseekers
Rollers v Huntsmen
Essentials v Woodmen
Top Pins v Royal Oak Wanderers
BYE v Skimmers
Colliton Spares v Trinity Mix Ups
Colliton Rebels v Barmy Army  - Friday 4 Oct - Colliton Club alley one 
Chaldon Chuckers v Ship Wrecked
Merrymen v Colliton Supertramps
Puddletown Wanderers v BYE
Breakaways v Villains
Hotshots v Muckspreaders
Swan Abbots v Wareham Legionaires
Misfits v Vic Reeves
Mrs Browns Boys v Colliton Chimps
Untouchables v Half Pints
Dewlish Monsters v Unpredictable Strimmers
Plodders v Brewers Bees
Oakettes v Crackerjacs - Monday 30 Sept - Royal Oak, Bere Regis 
Vixens v Magpie Imps
Jolly Green Giants v Fumblers
Dribs 'n' Drabs v Tom Browns Bullocks
Patriots v Jokers
Colliton Flingers v Heathens - Thursday 3 Oct - Colliton Club alley one 
Colliton Wide Boys v Puddletown Nomads 

Ties to be played w/c 30th Sept

Please note that seven ladies sides have taken up the leagues invitation to play in the Open Knockout Cup (to avoid any doubt any missing player in a Open Knockout Cup match will receive a score of 28 regardless of gender)

Once the game is arranged by both teams and the alley

is booked please could the home captain inform the fixture

secretary of the date so it can be put up on the website.

Please note that when a week is set aside for the cup only one date is needed to be given by the home team to their opposition.