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Section D run in – Legionaires poised for promotion

Wareham Legionaires will be promoted if they avoid defeat on Wednesday night at the Frampton Arms against Frampton Fumblers. Both the second and third placed teams face tricky games this week, on Thursday third placed Swan Abbots play away to Strugglers at Goldies, while on Friday Frampton Rollers play away to Dribs ‘n’ Drabs on alley three at the Trinity Club, and Legionaires could be crowned champions on Friday if they win on Wednesday and Rollers lose Friday.

Top – Games to play 

Wareham Legionaires – 36pts Frampton Fumblers (A) Chaldon Chuckers (H) Ship Wrecked (A)

Frampton Rollers – 32pts Dribs ‘n’ Drabs (A) Funseekers (H) Frampton Fumblers (A)

Swan Abbots – 30pts Strugglers (A) Dribs ‘n’ Drabs (H) Funseekers (A)   

Open Pairs Competition

The last date to enter the Open Pairs is FRIDAY MARCH 8TH, could all entry forms be sent to Philip Slade by this date. Please note that NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. If your team has not received an entry form please contact Brian Newton.

The Open Pairs take place on eight various alleys on Friday 26 April. There will be two pairs from each alley who will qualify for the Finals of the Pairs on Friday 10 May, given the final night 16 pairs.

If you have paid entry fees for the Open Pairs direct to the League’s bank account but not returned the entry form to Phil please would you do so. A scanned copy to Phil’s email address will be fine.

Ladies Cup dates

Ladies Cup

Preliminary round draw
Colliton Ladybirds v Super Colli-Ders – Tuesday 9 April – Colliton Club alley two
Vixens v Crackerjacs – Tuesday 9 April – Trinity Club alley two
Breezers v Woodpeckers – Tuesday 9 April – Trinity Club alley one.

Quarter Final draw
A. Colliton Ladybirds or Super Colli-Ders v Devils
B. Breezers or Woodpeckers v Mix Ups
C. Wonder Women v The Easy Beats
D. Vixens or Crackerjacs v Oakettes

Quarter Finals to be played w/c 15 April – once date is set please inform the fixture secretary. Please can home teams in the Quarter Finals make provisional alley bookings. 

Please note that there will be no Ladies Plate competition.

Cancelled games

All cancelled games must be played by March 22, once the fixture is agreed between the two teams and the alley is booked please could the home captain inform the Fixture Secretary of the new date.

Section A

Patriots v Woodmen – Rearranged for Wednesday 27 February

Colliton Wide Boys v Jolly Green Giants – Rearranged for Tuesday 12 March

Half Pints v Puddletown Wanderers – Rearranged for Saturday 9 March

Section B

Top Pins v Mrs Browns Boys – Rearranged for Wednesday 13 March

Alcotops v Colliton Muckspreaders – Rearranged for Wednesday 27 February

Essentials v Wurzels – Rearranged for Monday 11 March

Section C

Colliton Flingers v Magpie Imps – Rearranged for Tuesday 26 February

Plodders v Tom Browns Bullocks – Rearranged for Tuesday 26 February

Wool Misfits v Colliton Spares – Rearranged for Wednesday 13 March

Section D

Wareham Legionaires v The Bull & Heifers – Rearranged for Friday 1 March

Ship Wrecked v Merrymen – Rearranged for Thursday 21 March

Chaldon Chuckers v Strugglers – Rearranged for Thursday 14 March

Adverse weather

If forecasts are correct and we get adverse weather this evening then any teams with difficulties in travelling can cancel games (this also applies to Fridays fixtures). Please could home captains insure that your pub or club are aware of any cancellations, and that the Fixture Secretary is informed. All cancelled games must be played by March 22, once the fixture is agreed between the two teams and the alley is booked please could the home captain inform the Fixture Secretary of the new date.

Sticker up Cup

The Sticker Up Cup takes place on Thursday 11 April at the Colliton Club from 7.30pm. Each team are allowed to enter one sticker up provided they are aged between 14 and 18. To enter please contact Terry Gosney the fixture secretary, this competition is free to enter.

Cup and Plates dates confirmed

3rd round
Patriots v Wareham Legionaires – Thursday Jan 3 – Goldies
Alcotops v Swankers – Friday Jan 4 – DTFC
Woodmen v Merrymen – Friday Jan 4 – Royal Oak, Milborne
Breakaways v Essentials – Friday Jan 4 – Wool RBL
Untouchables v Strugglers – Friday Jan 4 – Bladen Social Club, Briantspuddle
Royal Oak Wanderers v Hotshots – Friday Jan 4 – Royal Oak, Bere Regis
Colliton Imps v Colliton Wide Boys – Friday Jan 4 – Colliton Club alley 2
Puddletown Wanderers v Steamers – Friday Jan 4 – Spitfire Club, Crossways

Plate 2nd round
Tom Browns Bullocks v Colliton Supertramps – Thursday Jan 3 – Tom Browns
Half Pints v Wurzels – Friday Jan 4 – Bulls Head
The Bull & Heifers v Brewers Bees – Thursday Jan 3 – Bulls Head
Dewlish Monsters v Mrs Browns Boys – Thursday Jan 3 – Royal Oak, Milborne
Wool Misfits v Top Pins – Thursday Jan 3 – Wool RBL
Jolly Green Giants v Ship Wrecked – Friday Jan 4 – Trinity Club alley 3
Puddletown Nomads v Colliton Chimps – Friday Jan 4 – Goldies
Hartstoppers v Vic Reeves – Thursday Jan 3 – Colliton Club alley 2

History pages

Check out the new history pages on the website. This is an ongoing project which will be updated throughout the summer to give you all an insight on the past history of the league. If anyone can help with any missing teams/years or mistakes please contact , especially any information about league winners from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as the skittle fixture books only started putting in the previous seasons tables from 1980.