Presentation Evening 2015

Patriots – Section A champions
Royal Oak Wanderers – Section A runners up
Hammers – Section B winners
Wool RBL Misfits – Section B runners up
Trinity Strugglers – Section C winners
Top Pins – Section C runners up
Carrot Crunchers – Section D winners
Headliners – Section D runners up
Devils – Ladies League winners
Crackerjacs – Ladies League runners up
Royal Oak Wanderers – Knockout Cup winners
Crackerjacs – Ladies Knockout Cup winners
Colliton Bloomers – Ladies Knockout Cup runners up
Patriots – Plate winners
Colliton Spares – Plate runners up
Galley Maids – Ladies Plate winners
Colliton Breezers – Ladies Plate runners up
Chris Lucas of Swankers – Singles winner with runner up Matt King of Barmy Army
Andy Taylor & Tony Hewitt of Colliton Imps with Matt & Gail Lucas – Pairs winners
Jeff Brown & Darryl Burt (trophy collected by Derek Burt) of Skimmers – Pairs runners up
Kelly Godden & Sharon Mitchell of Colliton Breezers with Matt & Gail Lucas – Ladies Pairs winners
Kirsten Otter & Kerry Herring of Woodpeckers – Ladies Pairs runners up
Andy Fowler of Colliton Wide Boys with Matt & Gail Lucas – Men’s Secretaries Shield winner
Steve Crewe of Wool RBL Misfits – Men’s Secretaries Shield runners up
Mel Gosney of Devils with Matt & Gail Lucas – Ladies Secretaries Shield winner
Jane Pullen of Colli-Cats – Ladies Secretaries Shield runner up
Ellis Thorpe of Essentials with Matt & Gail Lucas – Sticker up Cup winner
Kayleigh Budge Wool RBL Misfits – Sticker up Cup runner up
Liam Gosney of Headliners with Matt & Gail Lucas – Men’s highest score with 88 at the Wareham Legion
Alison Kibby of Colliton Bloomers – Ladies highest score
Trinity Troopers – Woodenspoon & OXO trophy