Presentation Evening 2012

Patriots – Section A champions
Colliton Wide Boys – Section A runners up
Monsters – Section B winners
Woodmen – Section B runners up
Swankers – Section C winners
Essentials – Section C runners up
Top Pins – Section D winners
Frampton Fumblers – Section D runners up
Devils – Ladies Section A winners
Oakettes – Ladies Section A runners up
Woodpeckers – Ladies Section B winners
Westenders – Ladies Section B runners up
Colliton Wide Boys – Knockout Cup winners
Greyhound Wanderers – Knockout Cup runners up
Devils – Ladies Knockout Cup winners
Crackerjacs – Ladies Knockout Cup runners up
Woodmen – Plate winners
Tinklers – Plate runners up
Woodpeckers – Ladies Plate winners
Colliton Breezers – Ladies Plate runners up
Tony Hewitt of Colliton Imps – Singles winner
Luke Notley of Brewers Bees – Singles runners up
Paul Leneghan & Justin Hallett of Colliton Wide Boys – Pairs winners
Colliton Strimmers – Pairs runners up
Julia Barnes & Julie Standfield of Crackerjacs – Ladies Pairs winners
Alison Kibby & Sally Childs of Colliton Bloomers – Ladies Pairs runners up
Malcolm Slade of 3CA – Men’s Secretaries Shield winner
Terry Gosney of Colliton Imps – Men’s Secretaries Shield runner up
Sharon Hall of Colliton Breezers – Ladies Secretaries Shield winner
Eileen Lewis of Skittle Bashers – Ladies Secretaries shield runner up
Ben Quinton of Funseekers – Sticker up Cup winner
Alex Kenny of Headliners – Sticker up Cup runner up
???? of Essentials – Men’s highest score
Kelly Godden of Colliton Breezers – Ladies highest score
Black Jacks – Woodenspoon
Black Jacks – OXO Cup