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Skittlers of the week – Ladies League w/c 2 Sept

Top score in the Ladies League was Kerry Nottley of Wonder Women with 67 at the Three Compasses, Charminster. The highest team score was 422 by Oakettes at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis. The highest hand was 69 by Devils at the Spitfire Club, Crossways. The highest stick up was 16 by three players, Molly Ackerman of Devils at the Spitfire Club, Crossways, while at the Royal Oak, Bere Regis both Clarie Clarke of Oakettes and Kirsten Otter of Woodpeckers hit a 16 stick up.

New Ladies Team – Hot Cheese Stampers

We are pleased to announce that we have accepted a new ladies team for the forthcoming season, which now means the Ladies League will have just one bye and not the two that are in the fixture book. The team is called Hot Cheese Stampers and will play their home matches at the Three Compasses, Charminster on a Tuesday evening. They will take the place of Bye 1 on the fixture list.

AGM – A brief round up

There were only a few rule changes at last nights AGM. Most were just wording to certain rules but below is a brief explanation to some of the changes that were voted in.

There had been some confusion over the missing player rule last season, the rule now states that at the start of a game if a team is missing a player then that player can play their missed hands as long as the player is present at the completion of both teams second hands. If they arrive after the second hand then the player may only play the remaining hands with 4 pins awarded for each missed hand.

The restriction on nights of play have now been lifted meaning any team can choose which night they wish to play on, the rule was that the Ladies league teams could only use Mondays and Tuesdays, while the Open League used the other three remaining nights.

This coming season will see the Ladies League teams being invited to enter the Open Knockout Cup. At present 7 ladies teams have taken up the offer (the remaining ladies teams can still ask to enter) meaning that the Knockout Cup will have 60 teams in it which will reduce the number of byes in the early stages of both the Knockout Cup and the Plate. The Ladies Cup will still go ahead towards the end of the season but there will be no Ladies Plate.

All matches shall be played in the week specified unless brought forward, which means teams can by mutual consent play later in the week if needed.

Players who regularly play for a team in a club shall comply with the membership rules pertaining at that club.

History pages

Check out the history pages on the website. This is an ongoing project which will be updated throughout the season to give you all an insight on the past history of the league. If anyone can help with any missing teams/years or mistakes please contact , especially any information about league winners from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as the skittle fixture books only started putting in the previous seasons tables from 1980.

Social media

The Dorchester & District Skittles League accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any material relating to Dorchester skittles posted by any team or person on social media.

Stickers up

It is the responsibility of both captains to ensure that the stickers up operate in a competent and safe manner at all times. The use of mobile phones, ipads, headphones etc whilst the game is in progress is not permitted.