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The Ladies Pairs Competition

The Ladies Pairs Competition was won by Chris Vater and Nikki Coombs of Oakettes who beat Kayley Pitfield and Nikki Fowler of Vixens.

The competition was held at the Trinity Club and had 22 entries the Oakettes pair beat Mix Ups in the semi final while in the other semi final the Vixens pair beat Crackerjacs.

Skimmers second in Section A

Skimmers 6-pins victory at the Goldies against Patriots clinched the runners up spot to Barmy Army in Section A finishing a point above Breakaways.

Skimmers were formed in 1978 playing at the Prince of Wales, Puddletown and won Section E in their very first season, won the D section in 1980 before coming runners up in Section C in 1981, and then promotion to Section A came in 1982 after winning Section B, they have been in Section A ever since making them the longest running team in the Section. There have been five Section A titles in seasons, 90-91, 92,93, 04-05, 17-18 and 18-19, while they have been runners up now on four occasions, 92, 95, 99 and this season.

The Knockout Cup has been won on three occasion 1992 against Frampton Arms ‘A’, 1995 against Sou’westers and in 2001 against Slingers, while they were runners up in 2007 to the Imps.

When the Prince of Wales closed in 2000 the Skimmers moved into town and played at the Bulls Head, and over the years have also played home matches from the Cornwall Hotel (which changed to the Ghurkha), back to the Bulls Head, Dorchester Town Football Club, back to the Bulls Head and now play at the Victoria Hotel.   

Crackerjacs finish runners up

Crackerjacs won their last three league matches to finish up runners up to Oakettes in the Ladies League. The Crackerjacs can be traced back to the mid 80’s when Pen Pushers were formed.

Pen Pushers joined the Ladies Section B in the 1984- 85 season which the duly won at the first attempt . Pen Pushers went on to win the Ladies Section A on three occasions 1992, 1995 and 1998, while they were runners up three times as well, 1994, 1999 and 2000. The Ladies Knockout Cup was won five times, 1986, 1987, 1992, 1999 and 2001. From the 2001-02 season the team changed their name to Crackerjacs and they were runners up in Ladies Section A in the 03-04 season. There was just one ladies league from the 13-14 season and the Jacs finished runners up in both the 15-16 and 16-17 season before winning the league in the 17-18 season. The Crackerjacs won the Knockout Cup in season 14-15 and were runners up on three occasions, 11-12, 12-13 and 17-18. The Plate was won in the 08-09 season.

Hammers and Woodmen to play off

The top of Section B saga continues with Hammers and Woodmen meeting to play off to see who takes top spot. Hammers beat Woodmen by 35-pins on Friday on alley one at the Trinity Club to draw level on points with the Milborne outfit at the top of Section B, and with Swankers, Vic Reeves and Heathens all losing it means that the top two can’t be caught and so both will be promoted back to Section A. The play off takes place on alley one at the Colliton Club on Wednesday 4th May to see who will win the section.

Plodders take the Section D title

Plodders clinched the Section D title on Friday night with a 20-pins victory over Dribs ‘n’ Drabs on alley three at the Trinity Club. The Plodders set up the chance of winning Section D after beating title rivals Swan Abbots a week ago and with the Abbotsbury outfit having played all their matches it left Plodders needing to avoid defeat to take the title. With two hands to go there was just 5-pins in it in favour of Plodders and two solid hands of 60 and 57 saw the title clinched with a 20-pins victory.

Plodders Secretary Dave Langdon is the longest running secretary in the league having taking over Section E team Royal British Legion ‘A’ in 1980. In the mid 80’s the British Legion club had moved from High East Street to Kings Road. For the 87-88 the team name was changed to RBLA. In the 89-90 season RBLA were relegated from Section E and the following season started life as Plodders in Section F. The leagues were restructured for the 91-92 season with Plodders in Section G. Plodders were back in Section F for the 96-97 season after Section G was disbanded but had to change alleys when the Legion closed so moved to alley three at the Trinity Club. The team finished 7th in Section F but the following season found themselves in Section E and finished 3rd in 97-98. in the 99-00 season Plodders finished 4th in Section E and were in Section D for the 00-01 season finishing 4th. For the 03-04 season the sections were put back to 16 teams and Plodders were in Section C and finished top to reach Section B. Plodders finished runners up in Section B in the 07-08 season and spent two seasons in Section A, finishing 13th before finishing bottom in the 09-10 season. For the 10-11 season Plodders moved from alley three to alley two at the Trinity Club but suffered a second relegation on the trot. In season 18-19 the team were relegated from Section C.     

Magpies take second spot in Section C

Colliton Magpie Imps are heading to Section B after pipping Top Pins for the runners up spot in Section C. Top Pins went into their away match on alley one at the Colliton Club one point above the Magpies and made a cracking start to the match when they replied to Magpies 64 hand with 77 which included a stick up of 17 from Neil Hayter. With two hands to go the Top Pins were leading by 11-pins but went into the last hand just 4-pins up. The home team had Jack Beale and Ryan Welch to thank as both hit stick ups of 14 but still only 63 was hit to leave the visitors 60 to win. The game looked over when Tristan Hayter hit a 16 stick up to leave the remaining six players 40 to win but it was the Magpies who got the victory as Top Pins finished the match with a hand of 55.

Colliton Magpie Imps are one of the newer teams in the league having been formed on the eve of the 17-18 season after 3CA who were in Section C unfortunately withdrawing from the league. Rather than have a bye in Section C Imps B were quickly put together and won their first ever match on their DTFC alley against Plodders by 21-pins.Imps B finished fifth in their debut season and for the 18-19 season changed their name to Magpie Imps and again finished fifth. The ill-fated 19-20 season was their last at the football club and when skittles resumed for the 21-22 season the team moved to the Colliton Club to play on alley one, changing names again to Colliton Magpie Imps.