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Message from the League Secretary

Hello Everyone,

With the recent news on a new Covid variant being identified and with only this week and the cup week left before Christmas I would just like to remind teams to be careful over the next few matches and to use any hand sanitisers provided and to be as careful as possible with social distancing when playing your games. If you all do your bit to help keep the pubs open and the league ongoing over the next few months that would be very helpful. It would be a shame if more restrictions may be brought in so please keep safe and well.

Safe skittling,


Suspension of Skittles

In the event of a pandemic or other occurrence which forces the UK Government to impose restrictions, on the way we live, i.e. the temporary closure of pubs and clubs resulting in the suspension of skittles in the short or longer term then, the following criteria will the used to determine the outcome of the season.

To constitute a season at least 75% of the rounds of fixtures must be completed by the fourth Friday in May, the season end being 31st May. In the 2021 /2022 season this will be 16 games in the Open League and 12 games in the Ladies League.  Should the full season not be completed by the cut off date and the 75% figure is reached then, where Sections contain a bye those teams who have had their bye will receive a points adjustment being their average points per game from their played matches rounded down to 2 decimal places. If the League Rules in force at the time so permit, cancelled matches remain to be played then the points will be awarded to the team who did not cancel the original fixture.

Section winners, runners up and teams to be relegated will be determined using the adjusted points totals.  Where teams finish level on points the criteria outlined in the League rules shall be used to break the tie including to determine section winners.

The priority following any period of suspension will be to complete as many league matches as possible within the time available, the season restarting at the point it was suspended. To achieve this all other competitions will be cancelled irrespective of whether they were in progress or not.

Should it prove impossible to play 75% of the league season by 31st May then the season will be declared null and void. In this event any restructuring of the league required on the resumption of skittles will be based on teams finishing positions in the last completed season.

Cammilla Gosney – Life Vice President

After 28 years of service on the D&DSL committee Cammilla ‘Mel’ Gosney has stepped down from her post. To honour her dedication, involvement and all the help she has given our skittle league it was proposed by our Secretary Brian Newton that Mel be offered to become a Life Vice President of the D&DSL. Mel was more than happy to accept this role.

Start time

Please would all captains be reminded of rule 14

Games shall commence between 8.30 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. Any team short of players must commence the game with the players available. If there are no representatives of a team present on the alley by 9.00p.m. that team will be deemed to have cancelled and the match awarded to the opposing team.

New rules to be drawn up before season starts

Rules are being drawn up to cover the fall out of any future lockdown. League fixtures will take precedence over all other competitions in such circumstances.

The Rules will include:-

The minimum number of games played to constitute a season.

Arrangements for awarding points in respect of byes and cancelled matches.

The tie break procedure where teams are level on points.

A ruling on competitions in progress.

Covid 19

The committee cannot be held responsible for the actions of every skittler and Captains should ensure that their players are fully conversant with the basic requirements for everyone’s personal safety. Teams must commence matches with the intention of fulfilling the fixture and it is down to the captains to monitor the situation.

Covid 19

A number of teams have asked what rules will be introduced by the Committee post pandemic regarding hygiene and protection from the virus when skittling.

The simple answer is NONE given that the Government has removed almost all legal restrictions on social contact and advised people to proceed with caution and social responsibility.  The Committee cannot legislate for every eventuality and it will therefore be left to each team to ascertain what practices and procedures are in place at their home alley.  Should you feel uncomfortable with those arrangements, if any, then you should discuss your concerns with the landlord or steward to ensure that personal health is not compromised and be prepared to provide your own hand gels etc if necessary. For away games you should assume the worst-case scenario where no restrictions are in place.

Given the ease with which the virus can be transmitted the practice of players moistening their hand with spittle, the use of wet towels and the raising of a skittle ball close to one’s face must cease.  You should also consider whether it is appropriate for both teams to be in the alley at the same time, if the alley is in a confined space, and whether you continue with the usual formalities at the end of the game.

The Committee must stress that whilst steps can be taken to keep people as safe as possible, whilst skittling, nothing is fool proof.  We expect players will do their best to keep to the obvious guidelines if doubts persist then you should make your own decision over playing.


Strugglers who play on Thursday nights at Goldies are looking for a couple of players and a sticker upper who is happy to play as and when required. Please contact Alan Simmons on 07341317999 for further details.

History pages

Check out the history pages on the website. This is an ongoing project which will be updated to give you all an insight on the past history of the league. If anyone can help with any missing teams/years or mistakes please contact , especially any information about league winners from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as the skittle fixture books only started putting in the previous seasons tables from 1980.