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Singles Competition

Andy Sharpe of Unpredictable Strimmers won the singles competition beating Julie Hale of Wool RBL Misfits in the final.
In the semi finals Andy beat Robbie Haime of Mrs Browns Boys and Julie beat Matt Payne of Dribs ‘n’ Drabs. The competition had 64 entries.

Ladies Pairs

The Ladies Pairs took place on Monday night at the Trinity Club and was well supported with 31 entries.
Denise Aspden and Sally Childs-Slade of Colliton Ladybirds won the competition beating Kelly Mitchell and Jennie Sims of Oakettes in the final.
It was a close final with both pairs on 41 after three hands, Ladybirds went 1-pin up on the fourth hand and left Oakettes 16-pins to win.
In the semi final the Ladybirds beat another pair of Oakettes, Claire Clarke and Jade Thompson, while Oakettes beat Anita Tweed and Kelly Godden of Breezers.


The AGM took place at the Colliton Club last night.

Here is a brief explanation of the rule changes that were discussed and voted in.
Men are no longer able to play in the ladies league.
Ladies teams that are short will be able to give 5 pins (instead of the current 4 pins) to up to two missing players.
There will now be no restriction on the number of ladies allowed to play in the Men’s league, but no lady is allowed to play in both leagues.
The Men’s league will become an Open league.
Any team failing to fulfil a cup or plate match, other than in exceptional circumstances shall incur a £20 fine.

The league lost four men’s teams and two ladies teams leaving 70 entries. Each men’s section will consist of 14 teams , meaning that three teams got relegated from last season instead of the normal two, the ladies league will also have 14 teams.

League fixtures will begin week commencing the 4th September.



Ladies Pairs Competition

The Ladies Pairs Competition was won by Rachael Cannon and Louise Legg of Crackerjacs who beat Wendy Burt and Mel Gosney of Devils in the Final at the Trinity Club with 22 pairs entering. In an all Crackerjacs semi final Rachael and Louise beat teammates Emma and Angie , while the Devils pair beat Sarah and Jane from Mix Ups.

Mrs Browns Boys clinch the Section C title

Section C was the closest of all the sections, and it was Mrs Browns Boys from Tom Browns who came out on top after beating Tinklers to finish a point above second placed Colliton Hartstoppers. Hartstoppers return to Section B at the first attempt after last years relegation.

Patriots secure runners up spot

Patriots secured the runners up spot in Section A for the second season running with a 9-pin victory over Colliton Imps at the Goldies. At the bottom of the league Puddletown Wanderers victory away to Half Pints means that Wurzels are relegated.

Oakettes claim second place

Oakettes have finished as runners up in the ladies league after beating Mix Ups away by 5-pins at the Trinity Club. The teams were level on points going into the match after both sides had given champions Devils a close run for the title.

Devils make it six in a row

Devils have clinched their sixth ladies title in a row with a 12-pin victory over Crossfire Ladies at the Spitfire Club. The ladies league has been a much closer campaign this season and Devils had to battle against Mix Ups and Oakettes right up to the last week of fixtures , and one of these two teams will be runners up. Colliton Breezers and Crackerjacs make up the rest of the top five in what has been a most competitive season.

Secretaries Shield and Stickers up Cup

The men’s Secretaries Shield was won By Edd Legg of Greenstars beating Luke Short of Barmy Army in the final. Both players had scored 17 after two hands , but Edd took a 2-pin lead on the third hand, then both players hit 9 but on the final hand Luke hit 6 to leave Edd 5 to win.

The ladies Secretaries Shield was won by Mel Gosney of Devils beating Jane Fairless of Mix Ups in the final. After being behind Jane on the first hand, Mel then hit a single pin stick up of 16 to take the lead and hit another single pin stick up on the fourth hand of 13. Jane skittled well in the final and Mel still needed pins to win on the last hand.

The sticker up Cup was won by Callum Hounsome of Brewers Bees beating George Wilson of Vic Reeves in the Final. Callum raced into a 7 pin lead after two hands after starting with a stick up. Both players hit 8 on the third hand and then Callum went 1 more pin ahead on the next hand. George managed an 8 on the last hand to tie the game up which meant Callum needed just 1 to win the cup.