Men’s Knockout Cup dates

Knockout Cup 1st round dates
Colliton Hartstoppers v Ship Wrecked – Thursday 6th Oct, Colliton Club alley two
Colliton Spares v Dewlish Monsters – Friday 7th Oct,  ,Colliton Club alley one
Colliton Muckspreaders v Frampton Rollers – Thursday 6th Oct , Colliton Club alley one
Villains v Rebels – Friday 7th Oct, Trinity Club alley two
Vic Reeves v Tinklers – Friday 7th Oct, Victoria Hotel
Carrot Crunchers v 3CA – Friday 7th Oct, Chalk & Cheese
Load of Bullocks v Jokers – Wednesday 5th Oct, Bulls Head
Barmy Army v Huntsmen – Friday 7th Oct, Goldies
Woodmen v Colliton A – Friday 7th Oct, Royal Oak, Milborne
Half Pints v Trinity Strugglers – Wednesday 5th Oct, DTFC
Colliton Imps v Untouchables – Friday 7th Oct, Colliton Club alley two
Skimmers v Puddletown Wanderers – Friday 7th Oct, DTFC
Wool Misfits v Frampton Fumblers – Thursday 6th Oct, Wool RBL
Chaldon Chuckers v Oddballs – Wednesday 5th Oct, Frampton Arms, Moreton
BYE v Alcotops
Steamers v Mrs Browns Boys – Wednesday 5th Oct, Colliton Club
Wareham Legionaires v Hotshots – Thursday 6th Oct, Wareham Legion
Merrymen v Royal Oak Wanderers – Thursday 6th Oct, Frampton Arms, Moreton
Country Boys v Wurzels – Friday 7th Oct, Frampton Arms, Moreton
Swankers v Dribs ‘n’ Drabs – Friday 7th Oct, Trinity Club alley three
BYE v Brewers Bees
BYE v Heathens
Essentials v Top Pins – Friday 7th Oct, Spitfire Club
Patriots v Ray & Ken’s Old Spice Yokels – Thursday 6th Oct, Goldies
Hammers v Colliton Wide Boys – Friday 7th Oct, Trinity Club alley one
Colliton Flingers v BYE
Jolly Green Giants v Greenstars – Thursday 6th Oct, Trinity Club alley three
Coach & Heffers v Colliton Chimps – Friday 7th Oct, Coach & Horses
Unpredictable Strimmers v Plodders – Thursday 6th Oct, Trinity Club alley one
Swan Abbots v Puddletown Nomads – Thursday 6th Oct, Swan Inn
Headliners v Funseekers – Thursday 6th Oct, Bulls Head
Breakaways v Tramps – Friday 7th Oct, Wool RBL

Tinklers – new player needed

Tinklers skittle team are looking for a regular player, they play home matches on a Thursday at the Trinity Club, they are down to 8 players and need a ninth. Please email  if interested for details.

League fees & Registration form

Please note that the league fees and the registration form most both be sent back by 31st October. The fees to Phil Slade and the forms to Brian Newton, any enquiries regarding this please contact either Phil (fees) or Brian (forms).

Failure to do so will result in a 2 point deduction for each week they remain outstanding.

Dates for Ladies Knockout Cup

Ladies Knockout Cup 1st round dates
Colli Wobbles v BYE
Crackerjacs v Forget-Me-Nots – Tuesday 4th Oct
Westenders v Trinity Sourz – Monday 3rd Oct
Vixens v Colliton Bloomers – Tuesday 4th Oct
Galley Maids v Team Unicorn – Wednesday 5th Oct
Oakettes v Woodpeckers – Tuesday 4th Oct
Devils v Mix Ups – Monday 3rd Oct
Colliton Breezers v Colli-Cats – Tuesday 4th Oct

Skittlers of the week – Men’s w/c 19th Sept

Top score in the Men’s league was David Potter of Hotshots with 77 at the Goldies. The highest team score was 470 by Breakaways in Section A at the Spitfire Club against Puddletown Wanderers. The highest hand was 81 by two teams, Load of Bullocks at the Bulls Head in Section C, and Hotshots on the last hand of their 38-pin victory over Greenstars in Section D at Goldies.

Gasket Guy British Championships

Jennie Sims of Oakettes won the ladies singles, including hitting a 22-pin stick up in the final. Jennie also made it to the mixed finals with Luke Short on Friday.

On Saturday unfortunately there was no success for any of our teams with all five going out at the group stages. Darryl Burt of Skimmers however did manage to hit a 21-pin stick up in Skimmers first match.